Renovation Salon

So, the main blog is being revamped. This may take a few hours if everything goes well, or a few days if the gremlins start playing up.

Have at an open thread here in the meantime, folks.


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8 comments on “Renovation Salon
  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    First 🙂

    And suffering withdrwel symptoms already 😦

    Hurry Up !!!!!

  2. tigtog says:

    Hiya Frank! It will be sorted when it’s sorted, eh?

  3. mbahnisch says:

    Thanks, Viv!

  4. anthony says:

    Jeebus, where’d these people come from?

  5. danny says:

    How cool is it to have an emergency LP all set

  6. danny says:

    … oops, that one got away on me, what I was gonna say is …

    While we are here, how about we take the opportunity to discuss whether/how to use this space to cover 2020summit shenanigans?

    There was a bit of discussion along those lines a while back on the main list, consensus was that 2020(meta)summit could very well swamp main list, and since this risk-management vehicle is all dressed up and dateless, it could be deployed for that purpose.

    Mark I think said he was gonna think about it, but in the meantime has at last bit the ROI bullet, is wondering what the work of running one blog is worth. To a rational economic time-and-motion unit, which Mark deep down probably is, the idea of two blogs might frankly seem insane.

    On the other hand, this summit thingy of Kevs could be exactly what the doctor ordered as a locus for demonstrating the potential of democracy 2.0. It’s a case of comment now, or forever hold your peace.

    ….(There was very much an air of that to the community cabinet thing the other week, Kev saying I’m giving you your chance to have your 2.5c worth, adjusted for inflation: step up to the mark, or get out of the way. I couldn’t find anyone there who requested time with a minister and was knocked back )….

    I lean most definitely to the latter. I reckon the official online front-end will leave much to be desired, what with being done by professionals, not talented experienced amateurs. (Like Kevin07 was a blog, and OfficialLaborSpace was a myspace? Effective outward facing facsimiles/placeholders sure, but real 2.0 engagement not.)

    Which leaves room for it to be done LProperly.

  7. Sam Clifford says:

    I notice that the domain name has expired. :/

  8. joe2 says:

    L.P. has indeed slipped away for a while, Sam.
    I am missing her already.

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