Endless rehashing of the Labor leadership change: supplementary thread

It feels like not everybody had quite finished rehashing this in the dedicated thread on LP Major, so continue here, and please remember the ground rules:

We at LP have noticed that almost every single thread we’ve posted has tended, no matter how tangential to the topic it is, to descend into endless rehashing of the merits of the Labor leadership change. Since we’d like commenters to stay on topic, we are providing this thread for all those who wish to continue to discuss the merits of the change from Kevin Rudd to Julia Gillard.

Please note that we will, in future, be deleting comments from other threads which do nothing other than go over past ground.


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7 comments on “Endless rehashing of the Labor leadership change: supplementary thread
  1. Paul Burns says:

    Well, it chased Gillard and Swannie all the way to Swannie’s seat, didn’t it? You think this isn’t an election issue, you got to be kidding yourself. Only time will tell the impact it will have,

  2. tigtog says:

    This thread isn’t meant to pretend that the spill won’t be an election issue, it’s just that there was a lot of repetition of the “they shouldn’t have” vs “yes they should” variety going on. Referencing that some voters are going to be hostile because of the spill shouldn’t mean having to go over and over the claims and counterclaims made during the spill itself.

  3. Paul Burns says:

    Yeas, tigtog, but I’m confused where to put my comments about this.
    And its pissing down rain here in Armidale. 🙂
    Glad the Smileys are back.

  4. tigtog says:

    If it’s not directly relevant to the topic of the post, then it belongs here on the rehash thread. That’s it.

  5. Patricia WA says:

    Kerry O’Brien tonight made much of Labor’s (and naturally Gillard’s) ruthless deposition of Rudd. A bit rich I thought since his own ruthless handling of Rudd on the 7.30 Report played a major role, along with many other baying media hounds, in bringing the the poor man down. Who could forget his own relentless challenging of Rudd to step aside for the good of his party? Or did I mis-hear that?

    I thought Gillard handled him brilliantly.

  6. keiThy says:

    The Libs are deliberately barren!

    As for Kerry he had the nerve to comment on how Julia was allegedly treating the electorate whilst he has not asked a decent question for months!

    Yes, Kerry, we all watch The 7.30 report for the soapie it has become: what a joke!


    Don’t they know all they have to do is throw some prawns on the barbie and call one of their Labor mates to come around so they can try and stick their hands down their pants… that used to work atleast!

    Lol, I know what would be fun: how about we talk about Costello and his alleged cosmic relationship with interest rates until they all cry themselves to death….NOT FORGETTING TO THANK THEM FOR THE PRAWNS AND CRACK, OF COURSE, WHILST WE ARE DOING IT!

  7. […] Please keep the general election campaign talk on these Election Open Threads, and keep discussions on the other posts focussed on the topic presented by the author. The one and only topic that is not welcome on principle on these Election Open Threads is Endless Rehashing of the Labor Leadership Change. […]

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