2010 Election Open Thread #1

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott face off in front of Australian Parliament HouseThis is the first in a series of 2010 Election Open Threads.

We have noticed a tendency for all threads currently to devolve into general election threads. We’re not thrilled by it.

Please keep the general election campaign talk on these Election Open Threads, and keep discussions on the other posts focussed on the topic presented by the author. The one and only topic that is not welcome on principle on these Election Open Threads is Endless Rehashing of the Labor Leadership Change.

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16 comments on “2010 Election Open Thread #1
  1. robbo says:

    I heard an interview with Andrew Robb on local ABC today and he sounded positively flakey. And I do wonder which demographic these clowns in the opposition are trying to impress when not a day goes past without another dose of smutty schoolboy humour. I cannot help but wonder that they really do believe that the electorate are a bunch of morons, and given the change of time for the debate they may well be correct.Never let an informed decision about who should run the country interfere with a cooking show?

  2. tigtog says:

    Some of what’s hitting the news this evening:

    THE internet filter was not up for negotiation when the Greens cut its preference deal with Labor for the upcoming federal election.

    Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said that the party had not softened its position on the filter legislation as part of the preference deal which is expected to strengthen its numbers in the Senate after the August 21 poll.

    Farmers are not happy with an election-related delay in unveiling the new plan for the Murray-Darling Basin.

    The Australian Sex Party has thrown its hat into the ring, selling itself as an alternative to what it describes as an increasing conservatism among the three major parties.

    And of course, the shifting of the time for the Leaders’ Debate:

    The final episode of MasterChef Australia on Sunday night has forced the federal election debate between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott to be rescheduled, with the major parties agreeing to move the debate to an earlier timeslot.

  3. paul walter says:

    Still not given up on teh *pron”?
    Methinks a tacit “leave” from Ludlum, who realises that Labor is trying to shore up its chances with HoR marginals, where the rabbits have ” teh numbers”, heh, heh.
    Hopefull y the Greens will gain a majority in the Senate, in order to block it, should it arise further in its current form .
    Then Labor will have to leave it, which is what they should have done months ago, or atleast alter the anti civilliberties aspect, or do a deal with the Tories, which they’ll probably do despite the contempt it will engender in the electorate.

  4. Joe says:

    Right at the top of my wish list is:

    withdraw the troops from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the silence is deafening.

  5. Jacques de Molay says:

    Paul Kelly in The Australian today:

    The Liberals look like amateurs, neither ready to govern nor expecting to win. Yet they had three years to sort out their Work Choices position and avoid this debacle. Indeed, it is possible that Abbott may not recover from this fiasco and has gifted Gillard the unbeatable break she needs.


  6. paul walter says:

    As folk like Ken Lovell have observed, we are now within the orbit and ambit of capitalist globalisation, which has its centre in the US and selected other allied locations, like the City of London and Western Germany and Switzerland.
    Several people whose names don’t come straight to mind here have also bemoaned that the magnitude of the money wasted thru often bodgie defence and defence purchases, let alone the wars and policing operations also invoked upon us by those who tell us our survival depends on it, that could be spent on so many more worthwhile things, from education here,a growth industry in the New World if done rght and alternative ecological technologies, particularly those relevant to downturns in carbon emmissions.
    And maybe a little more than the fraction of a percent we offer in aid to dirt poor countries in our region, especially on basic things like hospitals, schools, fresh water and transport.

  7. CMMC says:

    Thank God for YouTube.

  8. Paul Burns says:

    Kelly’s article on the necessity for Workchoices would be about the worst, and most partisan piece of junk he’s ever written.
    Enjoyed the Abbott YouTube.

  9. Mindy says:

    Watched Insight last night on SBS. Swinging voters talking about who they might vote for and Nick Minchin and Chris Bowen talking for their respective parties. Some very politically unaware people out there. I was damning Jennie Brockie for not jumping in and making some really good points about how Labor is doing things. Which of course is not her job. She may even be a Liberal or Greens voter. It must be hard to be impartial some times.

  10. Paul Burns says:

    Which is why they would prefer to watch Masterchef, rather than a Leaders’ Election Debate. Only in Australia!
    [But then again, if they ain’t got The Worm, where’s the fun.
    Too early for me at 6.30. I’m either cooking or finishing off the day’s writing/research. Sunday nights is a wind-down.

  11. jane says:

    I won’t be watching either program for a couple of reasons. But even if I could I wouldn’t watch Masterchef, Dancing with the Stars or any of those crap reality shows. It’d be like watching oh I don’t know Days of Our Drearies, The Young & The Breathless, endless repeats of Blue Heelers.

    I’m sure the debate will occupy endless trite reviews and woodchips the day after.

  12. pablo says:

    Tigtog lists the non-release (until after the election) of the MurrayDarling Basin Commission report which is expected to call for much reduced irrigation.
    This seems to me to an absolute denial of democratic values. It is not a government report so no one is expecting an immediate response from Gillard. It will be more than a hot button issue in the surrounding federal seats – arguably it is a national issue. It won’t be debated. Instead we have the daily saccharine of media posings and sloganeering. The distraction of a really important issue is too much for our democracy it seems.

  13. Mindy says:

    Interesting last night on Insight – a lot of swinging voters who have received election pamphlets from the Liberals have said that the pamphlets don’t mention Tony Abbott at all.

  14. Joe says:


    the Murray/Darling is also definitely on the wish list.

    Wrt the Afghanistan war, it’s become such a farce with everyone looking to run from the hills, while maintaining dignity, aren’t the lives of any more soldiers wasted between now and 2014 simply for the benefit of US internal politics?

    What a catastrophe!

  15. Lefty E says:

    Bob Brown leading preferred PM poll 🙂


  16. akn says:

    Why not include the PM and Abbott on Masterchef. They can bicker between themselves like the husband and wife partnership they are in policy terms while they have a bake off and the public can decide on who makes the best (in honour of Flo) pumpkin scones.

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