Open election leaflet and propaganda thread

I noted in my last post that television (particularly commercial tv) is the single most influential source of information for voters during election campaigns.

Direct communication by political parties is also important, tending to trump the febrile discourse of the national print media in effectively communicating with electors.

Much of this also goes under the radar, particularly outside the cities, or the areas where journos themselves tend to live. An example is the direct dissing of Kevin Rudd in the ‘sustainability’ mailout Labor distributed in Macquarie last week.

This is your chance to tell us anything notable you’re receiving in your mailbox, and what you think it means. By all means scan stuff in, and link, should you wish.

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19 comments on “Open election leaflet and propaganda thread
  1. Chris says:

    I haven’t seen the pamphlets myself but there were allegations on Adelaide ABC radio yesterday that there were pamphlets trying to look/sound like family first ones being distributed for a Labor party candidate. Probably only got media attention because of what happened at the last state election.

  2. Mark says:

    I live in the seat of Brisbane. The Liberal candidate is Teresa Gambaro, who was MP for Petrie from 96 to 07 when she lost her seat to Labor.

    We had a pamphlet (basically seeking details for pre-polling) in our letter box last week, which bizarrely failed to mention the fact that she was a former MP, and played up her being a ‘local’ (despite mentioning a business she’d run which is in Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith).

    It was obviously a bit old, as it referred constantly to the evils of the Rudd government.

    No mention of Tony Abbott.

    Played up the environment.

  3. Paul Burns says:

    Nothing here in Armidale. Think the Nats know the seat will go to Tony Windsor (who is probably the best local member in the country) so they’re not even trying.
    Before Windsor, Labor used to win Armidale and lose in the rest of the electorate.
    Or maybe they just haven’t started to churn the stuff out in the letterboxes yet.

  4. tssk says:

    We got a spiffy magnet and a notepad from our local member. We needed a new notepad.

  5. Joshua Frydenberg wins the award for truth in campaign slogans:

    A passionate and energetic advocate for Kooyong

    Kooyong was Andrew Peacock’s old seat and contains many of Melbourne’s wealthiest suburbs.

  6. Fine says:

    I received kind offers today from both Labor and Libs to help with with any postal voting needs I might have.

    The Libs main point is that we now have a ‘weaker Australia’. What was most interesting to me in the Labor bumpf was that it referred to the ‘Julia Gillard Government’. The word Labor had far less prominence, so I can only assume the powers that be must think Gillard is playing well in inner city Melbourne. Which is not surprising.

  7. Well the Abbott Family ad would be funny if it hadn’t seen the idea somewhere many years before.

  8. Mark says:

    The Courier-Mail is reporting today that a large number of Liberal candidates are leaving Abbott off their brochures.

  9. FDB says:


    “No mention of Tony Abbott.”

    I got an email from Mal T in a similar vein – ALP/Rudd/Gillard bashing, and the word ‘Abbott’ conspicuously absent.

  10. Fran Barlow says:

    More fun from the campaign trail:

    Fruit Shop visit goes pear shaped as he hobnobs with queue jumper

    In which Tony Abbott’s visit to a fruit shop and play man of the people with a small business proprietor looks a little amusing, as the proprietor came to Australia as an irregular entrant (HowardE: queue jumper) on a boat after skipping a refugee camp in Indonesia.

    Although Mr Tran was too polite to reveal his life story to Mr Abbott while meeting him, he was later asked by journalists about his migration to Australia and he then discussed his journey by boat and detention in a refugee camp.

    “We are actually boat people but we did not want to refer to it today,” he said.

    Asked about the Coalition and the government’s policies on asylum seekers, Mr Tran said: “It could be a bit tough. To shuffle the whole lot off to PNG, or the Pacific … that is just passing the buck.

    Then there’s cracking down on older people, specifically, their super:

    Older Australians question Abbott

    The opposition leader announced on Tuesday that a coalition government would axe Labor’s plan to lift the age limit that compulsory superannuation is paid out.

    Labor wants to increase the age cut-off from 70 to 75 beginning July 2013, and estimates the change will deliver $15 million in savings in the first year.

    Despite this, it was included among a raft of programs Mr Abbott wants cut to deliver $1.2 billion in savings.

    The nation’s largest over-50s group, National Seniors, says it that doesn’t make any sense.

    “The coalition can spend this money on something else, and they will save on the aged pension,” chief executive Michael O’Neil told AAP.

    The decision is likely to be ideological, based on a false assumption that compulsory superannuation is a burden on employers, he said.


  11. Sam Bauers says:

    Malcolm Turnbull had his posters up the night before the election was announced.

    Also got a fridge magnet and very glossy multi page booklet in the guise of “electorate news”.

    I cut out Malcolm’s face from the fridge magnet and my daughter tried sticking it on photos of other peoples bodies on the fridge. Fun was had. Your tax dollars at work folks.

  12. jane says:

    Fine, anything more than weasel words? Weaker how, why, when and where, I wonder. We have the idiot Secker in our electorate, but have yet to receive any propaganda from anyone.

    If I were Malvolio’s opponent/s, I would feature a large photo of Godwin Grech as an example of his competence.

  13. Fran Barlow says:

    I wrote back to Malcolm asking him why he was supporting (and would enter the ministry of) a party that swore it would never have a price on carbon, despite his public insistence that this was the right course.

    Where’s his integrity?

  14. kimberella says:

    Election stuff in my mailbox from the LNP (generic, no mention of candidate for Griffith because he was dumped last week, and they haven’t decided who to run until KRudd confirms he is, even though he already has) bolded this terminology:

    Our Action Contract With Australia


    Who’s being critical of trite sloganeering, again?

    Interestingly, no mention of stopping the boats because we’re inner city folks I guess.

  15. Fine says:

    Jane, I binned it. Just noticed what was bolded and most prominent.

  16. kimberella says:

    Can I please remind people this thread has a specific purpose, which does not encompass a general discussion about Malcolm Turnbull or incidents that happened to Tony Abbott today?

    Please try to stay on topic. There are open election threads to discuss other stuff.

  17. The OpenAustralia Foundation launched today so you can upload election material there for all to see. You can share from there if you want to. It’s a free and public repository.

  18. jane says:

    Just opened my first leaflet from the half wit Patrick Secker. Quelle surprise! Apparently the debt is close to $100bn, but he and his fellow Libtards are going to break open the piggy bank and save us all!!

    I took the same action as Fine.

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