The view from Channel 9 III

I was supposed to continue Kim’s excellent work covering what the commercial news networks have had to say about the campaign each night.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get home in time.

But, moving forward, I’m taking real action by reporting what I heard on ABC Local Radio in Melbourne. Julia and Tony weren’t campaigning, as they were at a funeral for an Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Kevin Rudd has confirmed he’s been offered a seat on a UN panel; however, the panel meets infrequently and he claims he could combine it with his job as an MP or minister. Julie Bishop thinks that a minister, in particular, should be fully committed to his job. Oh, and Christopher Pyne isn’t going to run a billboard featuring a quote from Nick Xenophon saying that Pyne is “An incredibly effective politician”, after bumping into Xenophon at a coffee shop, running the idea by him, and finding out that Xenophon was (surprise surprise) less than thrilled.

This was, however, not the top story on the local news – that was reserved for the verdict in the retrial of Robert Farquharson, who was found guilty of murdering his three sons.

Did anybody happen to catch a commercial news bulletin tonight?

Of course, for news junkies, ABC News 24 launches tonight, and we have an hour-long ad for it on ABC1 at 7:30. Can’t say I’m terribly excited about the prospect of spreading the ABC’s resources even thinner – and, frankly, the thought of an hour-long promo makes the Colbert Report on ABC2 (or The Daily Show on IView) an even more attractive prospect.

And, finally, some historical perspective, courtesy Crikey’s daily email:

As Crikey says, the title sequence is straight out of Tron, and the newsreaders’ clothing is good for a giggle. But the lead item – coverage of the Economic Summit – is actually a pretty serious and substantive piece by Laurie Oakes.

Note: this thread is specifically for discussing news coverage of the campaign in the mass media. We have an open thread here for more general discussion.

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43 comments on “The view from Channel 9 III
  1. Fine says:

    PJK was so young and handsome.

  2. Well, PJK was definitely young looking for a 39yo, Fine. And the way he slouched in Parliament made him look even younger. 🙂

    Since this thread is about news coverage of the election, could someone make sense of this sentence for me that does not imply the Courier Mail is flat-out lying? This is straight off their front page:

    Mr Rudd, through his office, did not guarantee he would serve a full term as the member for Griffith, saying only: “If elected, Mr Rudd intends to serve a full term.

  3. gregh says:

    He’s only signalling his intention Down and Out. Which is way less than a guarantee. lol
    Anyone see the Courier Mail’s coverage of Glenn Steven’s “”virtually no net public debt”” the other day

    me neither

  4. robbo says:

    I’m watching the launch as I type and it would appear that Rudd was derelict in his duties when it came to National Security, sending flunkies to important meetings on his behalf. His office is offering”no comment”. If this is true then it would appear that the night of the long knives was the only option.

  5. Labor Outsider says:

    That footage is fantastic. Can you imagine how a similar summit would be covered now?

  6. Terry says:

    Was Christoper Pyne really going to run that billboard? Would love a link.

    Isn’t Christopher Pyne’s leader, Tony Abbott, supposed to be the one endorsing his performance? Or is there something coming through from Mr. Pyne’s pollsters?

  7. here’s the story on Pyne and Xenophon.

    I didn’t realize it, but Xenophon is apparently hugely popular in South Australia – he got a quota in his own right at the last election.

    LO, that footage is indeed fantastic, though one thing did occur to me – did the audience understand more than a tiny fraction of it?

  8. Labor Outsider says:

    Possibly not Robert! But it was great to be reminded of how news delivery has changed.

    I guess it also leads us to the question of how television can best provide useful information on complicated topics. Without context and audience expertise, a segement like Oakes did on the Tax Summit can go right over the heads of most people. But if you dumb it down too much, just provide a he said she said segment, or focus on the political rather than the policy angle, then the usefulness for practical voter decision making is much diminished.

  9. Lloyd says:

    Watching the newe ABC 24 Hour News Channel – Julian Morrow, Annabel Crabb and Tim Blair.

    Sorry, epic fail.

    If this is the standard then the 24 hour news cycle is going to be even more compressed and the ABC is going to be reduced to Channel 10 News crossed with A Current Affair.

    Drivel followed by more drivel.

  10. silkworm says:

    The 24-hour ABC “news” channel has only been underway for a little more than an hour, and already it has turned into a crappy version of Fox News. On the Drum, Tim Blair is peddling his pseudoscientific views on climate change, and Annabel Crabb is sitting next to him doing nothing to counter this extremist nonsense.

    Congratulations, Aunty, you have just given birth to a steaming turd.

  11. It’s complicated, because it’s pretty much impossible to explain enough background to make sense of the story in 15 seconds.

    I suppose that’s where current affairs programs could theoretically fill the void – and I seem to recall Paul Lyneham doing expositions of economics from time to time.

  12. Chris says:

    Re: Xenophon – given the publicity the controversy has got, Pyne has basically managed to push Xenophon’s quote out into the public anyway.

    It’s complicated, because it’s pretty much impossible to explain enough background to make sense of the story in 15 seconds.

    With a multitude of even free to air tv channels and the internet, technically speaking, there has never been a better relatively cheap capability for delivering in depth analysis and reporting. But I suspect the majority of the general public do actually want their politics summarised into 15 second stories.

  13. Joe says:

    @Chris– and the stories are all soo badly written. But we seem to love it! Daytime tv transmuted circa. 2005 and is now being sent 24/7. Cultural evolution.

  14. nasking says:

    ABC 24 hr news.


    Not only do they start w/ the typical Rudd bash.

    Then manage to piss on Gillard & the Ministers by using the word “kowtow”.

    And criticise gawd knows how many policies.

    But they also use Tim Blair of the Daily Telegraph & a couple of saboteurs pretending to be anything but corporate arse-lickers, to basically set-up the scenario that fckn SERFCHOICES could be the next GST…

    and I assume that means they’re saying that not only was the war-mongering, anally-retentive on providing profits for armament & security companies John Howard a STAR at attending all of the security meetings…

    but in fact was the most courageous politician EVER because he pushed for workplaces legislation that kept them union fckers down, made sure the workers did not benefit from flexible hours worked…

    and was the hero of business always willing to sacrifice to make those profits when the worker lacking in risk pursuit, innovation & sheer bastadry for the good of the society was just keeping the “movers & shakers” down…

    and asking for unrealistic conditions…when it should be generic knowledge that some people are SUPERIOR to others…as they climb the mountains.

    Thankyou very fckn much ABC for destroying the DREAM of an alternative to Murdoch claptrap…

    It only took you one & a half hours.


  15. nasking says:

    And I noticed on the DRUM section the ABC 24 hr news even managed to bring in Australia’s NEO-CON lot, by way of Chris Berg of The Institute of Public Affairs.

    You might enjoy his views on climate change…remind ya of a few on this site?:

    Climategate: What we’ve learned so far


    The ABC is INFECTED.

    We do not have a democracy…we have a CORPOCRACY.


  16. nasking says:

    And I didn’t fail to notice how not only were the ABC 24 hr shows backgrounded in Liberal/Tory blue colours…

    but also on The Drum they managed at 8:55 pm to sneak in a promo (a few seconds shot) of the Liberal candidate for Ballarat, Mark Banwell, straight from the Liberal site w/ slogan “Standup for Australia…stand up for shonky action”. A less than subtle attempt at subliminal messaging. Considering Banwell had nothing to do w/ the discussion.

    Needs to be reported to Media Watch.

    The ABC have hit an all-time low. A Lib propaganda machine.


  17. Darryl Rosin says:

    Wow. I remember staying up (on a school night!) to watch that showing of Fiendish Plot of Doctor Fu Manchu. Sellers’ last movie, I think?

    How much did people understand of the news report? I’ve no idea, but you can ask the same question going as far back as you like. When Australians used to show up in large numbers to listen to people speak, without amplification, on free trade between the colonies, how many of them understood the issues?


  18. Nickws says:

    Wow, does this mean Bjelke Petersen would’ve supported the 2008/9 stimulus if he’d been premier then?

    This almost makes up for you guys running a blog dedicated to the federal election of the Commwealth of Queensland.:-)

    In other news watching, I have to say that I think SBS was running with the Rudd-for-UN-Plaza story a bit too strongly, as if it was the only issue today. I instantly thought about Karen Middleton’s former employer.

  19. nasking says:

    BTW…Banwell’s Lib site was put up TWICE. Check it out. 8:55 pm the first time (when they were discussing, pissing on some Brown character…re: Greens).

    Banwell was brought up later. This double act I believe was a way of pushing Banwell into viewer’s minds. Not just an innocent error. The fact “the holocaust” was referred to re: his accusations on BER…which relates to Gillard…can’t be a mistake. A deliberate attempt also to SWAY key JEWISH vote. And those recently watching many Foxtel films related to Holocaust…including ‘The Reader’. See SBS stuff as well.

    I know NEO-CON when I see it.

    Look at the ABC 24 hr’s initial news. Related to Security. Praising Howard (even tho the Iraq War shift away from Afghanistan was criticised Howard, Downer, nor Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld not brought up in that instance…not even in later headline news…just Rudd re: Homeland Security).

    Look at next topics…Terror in Indonesia. Afghan War.

    In Drum section & elsewhere less than praising stuff on Rudd & United Nations (UN).

    Who despised the UN more than the Neo-Cons & Fox News/Murdoch empire?

    I rest my case.



  20. Patricia WA says:

    Nasking, don’t want to know how badly they have done toay.

    Yesterday in response to their self promotion for their new format I wanted to say – “You are so bad
    today how can you provide a new and improved service tomorrow?”

    I have switched off.

  21. Nick says:

    “Thankyou very fckn much ABC for destroying the DREAM of an alternative to Murdoch claptrap…”

    All happened at least 2 or 3 years ago (swear I mentioned it)..remember the strikes that weren’t quite strikes when the ABC started commercially contracting News to provide their news?

    Your taxes pay the Murdoch empire to provide your News.

    Not sure why people don’t take this kind of thing more seriously.

  22. Nick says:

    And where I differ from adrian – no, I don’t think it should be sold off. It should be repaired.

  23. Pete of Perth says:


    Take a Bex and have a good lie down.

  24. Nick says:

    Same time, just tuned in to watch the ABC screening Schrader’s Blue Collar (gorgeous Nitzsche score). That’s new.

    If they’re gonna keep showing films like that at this hour, I can care a bit less what commercial news they want to broadcast.

  25. Jacques de Molay says:

    If you haven’t seen Keating!-The Musical it’s on ABC 2 this Saturday night at around 11:30pm.

  26. Patricia WA says:

    ‘PJK was so young and handsome!’

    Just back from dinner
    With Bill Shorten.
    Made me regret
    My days of courtin’
    Were long gone.
    I read about
    Old PJK!
    I have to say
    That in my day
    He was okay.
    He loved Anita.
    No one sweeter
    About his love.
    That I do recall
    About young Paul
    Who fought back
    In 1993
    To give us all
    Three more years
    Of Sanity.

    Of course Julia
    Is different.
    And Kevin was peculiar.
    Bill, her knight errant
    In defeating him
    Has himself diminished.
    But he’s not finished.
    Not at all.
    Like young Paul
    He’ll have his day.
    Meanwhile let’s pray
    For Labor’s
    Golden lads
    And lassies
    Who still lust
    For power.
    Grant them and us
    Their hour,
    Before, like PJK,
    They come to dust.

  27. Eat The Rich says:

    I agree with everyone here, ABC Nooz was just appalling. Maybe they should just call it North Shore Nooz because it seems perfectly aimed at the pseudo liberals who infest Sydney’s Norf Shaw.
    Problem is though most of them won’t watch it coz they have Sky and Sky is much better.

  28. Paul Burns says:

    So i gather there’s absolutely no point updating my set top box to HD to get ABC 24.

  29. Zorronsky says:

    I agree etr it’s aimed at a particular audience and it aint Labor or Green.

    Well put Pat WA!

  30. Zorronsky says:

    If you’re a masochist for frustration Paul but some other HD is worth the upgrade.

  31. Fine says:

    Paul, eventually you’ll have to get a set top box or a new television, as the analogue signal will be switched off in 2012.

    Schrader is one of my favourite filmmakers. I met him once. He was very easy to talk to.

  32. tssk says:

    OK let’s look at this realisticly. We all think the ABC board is biased because we’re too far to the left. Let’s look at the positive.

    This time when Abbott gets in they won’t have to run a broom through the ABC.

    Face it. Abbott is going to win. the ABC has seen this and this is why they are sticking it to Rudd. Criticising Abbott and co is just going to get them fired by their new bosses in four weeks.

  33. adrian says:

    tssk, care to explain why you are so sure that Abbott will win. I may have to make plans…

  34. tssk says:

    Easy Adrian. As I’ve said before it’s all about backbone.

    Most of my mates who voted Rudd are disillusioned. Half of them have told me that they are going to donkey vote. Some are even voting voting for Abbott to “teach the ALP a lesson.”

    My Liberal voting mates are ALL voting Liberal. Some like Abbott. Some depise him but are either voting because “it’s the party not the leader” or some just to “annoy you latte sippers.”

    There’s actually a great little quote from Angel (hey I take wisdom where I find it) from a vampire on why it is inevitable that they will win in the end. Something like “you grasp in the dark, constantly questioning your motives, constantly doubting, constantly second guessing. We stand firm. We know we are right. We know we will prevail.”

    It’s simple really. I have never known a single Liberal voter park their vote else where. Whereas the left are quite happy to give feedback. We eat our own. After all the left has had it’s share of failures. Stalin for a start was a disaster to say the least. Voting unquestionly for the left is always a risk, always something that needs to be questioned.

  35. Rebekka says:

    tssk, basing your predictions of who’s going to win an election on what the people you know think/say is a dangerous exercise. Every indication is you’re wrong, from 2PP in the polls, to preferred PM numbers, to Australia heading in the right direction numbers.

    Oh, and the betting odds.

    “I have never known a single Liberal voter park their vote else where.”

    I do, several, including my grandmother, life-long Liberal voter who started voting Labor during Howard’s years and is still voting Labor, as well as several Liberal voters I’ve spoke to in my own electorate who are going to vote Greens. Just because you don’t know them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Thinking your own acquaintance is a representative sample is, frankly, stupid.

  36. tssk says:

    Well I can only base my comments on my experience and looking at left and right wing blogs. The pattern seems to be everywhere. Softening support for the ALP and strong support for the Coalition. My prediction is an odd monster. Libs to win with maybe the Greens holding a near balance in the Senate.

    BTW, there’s a column here that talks about the bias in the new ABC.

  37. adrian says:

    You shouldn’t read that sort of stuff, tssk. It messes with your mind, and should come with a health warning.

  38. tssk says:

    It’s important though. We’re all banging on about how right leaning the ABC is now. He presents an alternative view as does his readership. Reading it I think it’s inevitable that the ABC and SBS will be privatised once Abbott is in.

    And would any of us here really miss it in it’s current state?

  39. rf says:

    “And would any of us here really miss it in it’s current state?”
    Yes, I’d miss The Tour De France, The World Cup, The Ashes, Flight of the Conchords, most of ABC2 evening programs, catalyst, Spooks. Sure, either sport for the masses or imported TV shows but if the alternative is watching bloody MasterChef or Better Homes and Gardens then I’ll be disconnecting my antennae.

  40. Rebekka says:

    “Well I can only base my comments on my experience and looking at left and right wing blogs. The pattern seems to be everywhere. Softening support for the ALP and strong support for the Coalition. My prediction is an odd monster. Libs to win with maybe the Greens holding a near balance in the Senate.”

    Actually, you could realise that using those two things as your only sources means you are getting a narrow and inaccurate view of what’s going on in the world. Both left and right-wing blogs are written by people who are politically engaged. That’s an incredibly narrow sub-set of the overall Australian population, which is why you are expressing a view divorced from reality. This thread, the view from channel nine – in the past Australia’s highest-rating news channel, recently narrowly overtaken by channel seven – is a thread precisely because it gives an insight into what most people are getting as political news that’s entirely absent if you’re a politically engaged person with politically engaged friends who reads politically engaged blogs. Watching the news on seven or nine, talking to people who say they’re not really interested in politics, and reading one of the Murdoch tabloids is going to give you a far more accurate snapshot of what the political picture is than the method you’re describing.

    I also think the Greens Party will have the balance of power in the senate, because given the current composition Labor’s certainly unlikely to win an outright majority. But your prediction of a Liberal win, by any margin, is simply fantasy at this point.

  41. Sam says:

    tssk, when Jeff Kennett got the old heave ho in ’99 his muse Felicity opined that she didn’t know how he’d lost, because everybody she knew had voted Liberal. For this statement, she was ridiculed high and low.

    Heed that lesson.

  42. tigtog says:

    I do find it interesting that Ackerman and his commentors are so convinced that the ABC is a cesspit of green lefties.

    I also find it rather amusing that the Daily Telegraph can’t seem to find some subby who knows better than to cut and paste a paragraph from MS-Word directly into a website as they’ve done with Piers’ profile blurb – look at those extraneous characters where the apostrophes should be.

  43. jules says:

    “Watching the news on seven or nine, talking to people who say they’re not really interested in politics, and reading one of the Murdoch tabloids is going to give you a far more accurate snapshot of what the political picture is than the method you’re describing.”

    Hate to say it Rebekka, but following the above advice is actually depressing, and if anything supports tssk’s point. Tho since Gillard got elected its a bit less full on.

    IMO anyway. Three different people can get three different impressions from watching the same thing.

    My intuition is that it may be a lot closer than anyone thinks. Rationally it looks like the ALP should win, and the Greens get the balance of power in the senate.

    But … its one of those things. Sniff the air, and there was something in the wind.

    Its a bit different since Gillard got back in, and I rarely bothered with the internet in the last 2 months, but have been online a bit lately, so its a bit harder to pick now.

    On a personal note, in the last couple of months a song’s been popping into my head for the first time in years.

    Drunk on Election Night, by Dan Kelly.

    I trust my instincts, and I’m certainly not as sure as tssk is. But it feels like this situation is still fairly fluid and could go either way.

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