Tony Abbott on Hey Hey It’s Saturday

You can watch the Opposition Leader here.

I’m voting for Kylie Minogue.

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13 comments on “Tony Abbott on Hey Hey It’s Saturday
  1. Eat The Rich says:

    When this guy (Abbott) took over the Liberal leadership he said an opposition should never be afraid of an election. I guess that means not being afraid of something is different to being prepared for something.
    The Libs are looking like a bunch of amateurs.

  2. D.B.Valentine says:

    Me too. Kerry O’Brien is gonna whip his ass when hes next on 7.30 Report.

  3. Cuppa says:

    He might simply keep worming his way out of appearing on the 7.30 Report. There’s no law that says he’s GOT to go on it.

  4. Patricia WA says:

    DB – not so sure about that after last night’s 7.30 Report. I was puzzled by K O’B’s relentless, almost to the point of absurdity, pursuit of the issue of the Coalition plan to alter Fair Work legislation by stealth, using the example of their planned withdrawal of funding for secret ballots from unions by modification of the Electoral Act.

    Though valid, that would be a fairly abstruse argment to most viewers yet he kept at it, determined to get Hockey to concede. One could almost sense Hockey’s relief that he wasn’t going to be cornered on the debt issue and the fact that the Reserve Bank governor had very publicly blown out of the water their argument about Labor’s ‘debt’ and its relation to interest rate rises.

  5. tssk says:

    Bit useless though. Everyone knows Workchoices is dead. Everyone knows that workplace law reform will be the first thing on the agenda once Tones wins his mandate.

  6. Fran Barlow says:

    Patricia WA

    One could almost sense Hockey’s relief that he wasn’t going to be cornered on the debt issue and the fact that the Reserve Bank governor had very publicly blown out of the water their argument about Labor’s ‘debt’ and its relation to interest rate rises.

    I’m not so sure. The RBA point eludes all who aren’t seriously engaged. It’s not easy to package into a headline or the 7:30 report format, and those of us paying attention will all know about it anyway. Coalition lies on workchoices is journalistic low hanging fruit.

  7. Patricia WA says:

    So, tssk, was K’OB in this interview with Hockey, one time Employment Minister, simply gearing up for the real fight with Abbott on how he plans to move on workplace law reform even though Work Choices is dead, buried, cremated and even certified so in writing?

    I still find it hard to understand how no one in the media is challenging Abbott, Hockey or Robb
    on simple common sense grounds about their loud sloganeering on Labor’s debt and its relation to interest rates. Surely most economists and even the Reserve Bank governor think it’s all hogwash. Why are they allowed to get away with this?

  8. tssk says:

    I agree with you Patricia. There seems to be a softball approach to Abbott in an effort to tunr this into a real contest. As for Workchoices I remember one election (96′? 200? Someone help me here) where the moment the Lib’s won one of them instantly said that Telstra was going to be sold off as they had a mandate from the Australian people.

    I expect no less on workplace reform when Abbott gets in.

  9. Patricia WA says:

    Thanks, Fran, if only the internet gave us access to who is already framing answers even as we are tapping out our questions!

  10. kEItHY says:

    Just call him TONY ‘BRIGGSY’ ABBOTT!

  11. paul walter says:

    Patricia WA opened up some interesting speculation, re the O’Brien interview with Hockey.’ I think he was right to go after them on this perverse and necrophiliac attempt at resurrection of NoChoices.
    Its obvious they can no more leave its redolent corpse buried where it belongs, than Burke and Hare.
    Like a child irritating a cat, they won’t be happy till the electorate has whacked them one, then they’re off to mum sobbing because of it.
    The inability of the opposition to appear credible on either serf choices OR the economy, let alone all the other issues theyve hid from since 2007, ought to be sufficient to keep their delinquent mitts off government for another three years, while they get on with theoverdue business of trying to reinvent themselves into something relevant.
    A thought.
    Whatever you think of the morality of Rudd’s removal, you have to admit Abbott looks as much at sea against Gillard, as Rudd did against Abbott.
    And its too late to get rid of Abbott before the election.

  12. kEItHY says:

    Slaves have no choices…..ahem!

    With the CSIRO ‘moving forward’ with innovative solar power solutions that involve less water the Libs will find themselves very irrelevant if they don’t start embracing the ‘moving forward’ mantra!

    The world is coming to a series of crossroads and dinosaurs simply do not survive! What a masterstroke the NBN will prove to be purely for its political value, not to mention the practical!

  13. David Irving (no relation) says:

    Did Red gong Tony?

    Anyway, he’s found his niche (amateur hour on Hey, Hey it’s Saturday)

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