Upload your election leaflets!

The other day I wrote a post asking people to describe election leaflets they’re receiving. These are important indicators of what’s going on, because they distil the messages the campaigns want to send to voters, and they’re often tweaked to appeal to particular regions, seats and demographics – which tells us something about how a national election is playing out at the micro-level.

Now, the folks at Open Australia have put up a site where you can scan in and upload leaflets. It’s here.

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3 comments on “Upload your election leaflets!
  1. robbo says:

    Thanks for the link Kim, I do wish more folk would have a look at the way our taxpayer dollars are spent . Some of this propaganda would do dear leader proud.

  2. Bird of paradox says:

    The standout so far seems to be this charming effort from Australia First:


    It’s made it onto ABC News, where Jim Saleam (AF leader) has disowned it and reckons it’s a smear like the Lindsay leaflets last election. Yeah right.

  3. GrannyAnny says:

    We received a letter from local member Judy Moylan yesterday. Couldn’t find the words Tony or Abbot anywhere.

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