The Trotskyism of Julia Gillard

According to Piers Akerman, Julia Gillard is a closet Trot:

There has not been and will not be a similar examination of Gillard’s long involvement as a key member of the extreme Left group, the Socialist Alliance formed by members of the old Communist Party of Australia.

Nice to see Piers holding himself to the same punctiliousness on points of fact that he demands of others.

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26 comments on “The Trotskyism of Julia Gillard
  1. skip says:

    Does Piers think that the Socialist Alliance are the same as the Socialist Left of the ALP?

  2. Katz says:

    I note that Akerman quotes with approval the words of Julie Bishop, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition who opined that it was fine for foreign powers to forge Australian government documents.

  3. Liam says:

    That’s quite bizarre. If I were the PM’s media I’d be after a prominent published correction.
    (I’d probably want one if I were the editor of the Green Left Weekly, too).

  4. Cuppa says:

    Acherman is stuck in the 1950s or before.

  5. Paul Norton says:

    In the interests of balance, if the ABC is to expose Julia’s Trotskyism it should also point out that Tony Abbott pursued the same vocation in his youth prior to his political career that Josef Stalin and his close associate Anastas Mikoyan pursued prior to theirs.

  6. moz says:

    Paul, that’s too obscure for me. Do you mean he sold The Big Issue?

    What is this obsession with the political innards of the Australian Communist Party? Is it because we don’t have a fascist or libertarian party on the other end to balance the looney scales? Or because there’s never been a need for one due to the Hanson effect (her quote that she succeeded since her major policies were implemented by Howard)?

  7. Fran Barlow says:

    He didn’t actually say she was ever a Trotskyist. On his account she allied with people who had once been stalinists but who became euros and left-sds before joining the ALP.

  8. Paul Norton says:

    Basically Piers has got the Socialist Alliance mixed up with the Socialist Forum. I’m not sure which group would be more aghast at this case of mistaken identity.

  9. Paul Norton says:

    Moz, Stalin and MIkoyan both trained for the priesthood in the Eastern Orthodox Church in their younger days, just as Tony trained for the Catholic priesthood in his twenties.

  10. Fran Barlow says:

    Ah yes Paul … my mistake. I was referring to observable reality rather than Akerman’s nomenclature.

  11. Sam says:

    “According to Piers Akerman, Julia Gillard is a closet Trot”

    If only.

  12. tssk says:

    Got to give Ackerman credit. He was instrumental in bringing down Rudd, I wouldn’t underestimate him in bringing down Julia.

  13. Terry says:

    Meanwhile, in the AFR, Mark Latham is making much of Paul Howes’ former membership of Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party.

  14. Eat The Rich says:

    Looks like we’re in far a sustained attack of the crazies.

  15. Eat The Rich says:

    Sorry should read: “in for” (not far).

  16. robbo says:

    I vaguely recollect the human toad once stating that for a “lefty” Gillard was not too bad. mind you that may well have been prior to Labor winning the election, but I was very surprised at the statement(not the least because he described her as a lefty). Might have been on insiders ,I don’t read the murdoch rags.

  17. Spana says:

    Gillard! She is no left winger. As this campaign shows she stands for very little. I would even say she is a right winger. Anti union. Pro scab. Pro career. She lost touch years ago.

  18. ossie says:


    Actually the toad made that comment about Virginia Trioli. 😉

  19. Russell W says:

    Left Wing? The labor party doesn’t have a left wing any more it just flaps its right wing and goes around in circles.

  20. paul walter says:

    To think they are still trying to trot out socialist plots this far into the twenty first century, this truly boggles the imagination.
    Have they finally realised that that old valve radio under her bed is there for the transmitting of secret information, black propaganda to dupe the honest peasantry and receipt of orders from you know where?
    What about Proposition 21 and the culling of the global population under a Greens global government?
    At least we can guess now who is charge of the secret East Timorese militia units located armed with shanghais and lumps of fourbeetwo around Bernambra, ready for that final sly pincer movement that encircles Canberra’s junk food outlets, ensuring mass starvation for white collar denizens like Piers who long ago forgot, if they ever knew in the first place, even how to boil water, or which side of their toast is the correct side for buttering.

  21. Philomena says:

    Piers is just taking the piss and stirring. Shows how desperate the trogs are. But then dirt can stick.Some nong/naif who has friended me posted the announcement that Julia Gillard was or had been a communist on Facebook. She’d heard the report on radio this a.m. on Alan Jones. She was aghast. And so it goes.

  22. Joe says:

    Philomena: indeed.

    That this kind of name-calling still works in the “Information Age” is depressing. And any publicity is simply adding petrol to the flames– another platform from which Ackerman can launch his next tirade.

    Any forced apology will be a simile of, “I do not recall…” Media scum.

  23. Philomena says:

    Joe, it does work. But how to counter it?

    A senior executive today at my work went feral cos he says he thinks the SMH is massively biased towards the ALP. In evidence, he cited the scuttlebutt of a SMH journo, who he said is about to bail, because of his abhorrence of the paper’s alleged bias.

    How do intelligent people come to believe such obvious BS?

  24. Wombo says:

    Paul wrote:
    “Basically Piers has got the Socialist Alliance mixed up with the Socialist Forum. I’m not sure which group would be more aghast at this case of mistaken identity.”

    We’re not exactly happy about it, but the Howes connection is more annoying, not least because of the disgusting way he went about proving his loyalty to his new ALP masters after he left Resistance.

  25. rumrebellious says:

    I agree with Philomena. Piers is taking the piss. Hence the page long rant about the abc. You got played I reckon.

  26. Paul Burns says:

    As a member of Socialist Alliance (I rejoined a week or so ago), I can assure you that JG is not a member. 🙂

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