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Although it started its life as an individual blog, LP now has a diverse range of contributors, many of whom maintain their own blogs.

In alphabetical order, some introductions provided by LP bloggers:

Anna Winter has a philosophy degree, with a particular interest in feminist theory and ethics. She also likes photography, fashion magazines and chocolate mudcake.You won’t find this Ms Winter with a Google search, because she is an anonymous coward who would quite like to keep her day-job. Threats of defamation action can be addressed to her gmail account: vodkandlime@gmail.com

Brian Bahnisch writes: “I was born a fourth generation Australian in 1940 in an enclave of German farmers in brigalow country off the edge of the Darling Downs in Queensland in a district called Downfall Creek near the railway siding of Guluguba. I went to the University of Queensland, picking up degrees in Arts and (later) Education. My studies included English, German, philosophy, and educational sociology, psychology and administration. I qualified as a librarian and worked for a few years in the tertiary sector in Adelaide. My substantive career was in the Department of Education in Queensland, as the first Supervisor of School Libraries in 1969, and later with broader duties covering all curriculum materials and associated services. In 1991 Goss’s boys turned the public service inside out. There was a 20% survival rate in the senior executive service. I left and took up mowing and gardening, also investing directly in the share market. I meet a wide range of people on a regular basis from pensioners to the moderately rich. I’m plugged into capitalism all over the place, but I’m not a fan. I’m not a philosopher or a sociologist, just someone who is trying to sort out his ideas”.

Cristy currently lives in Canberra where she was born, but has previously lived in Washington DC, Vancouver, Sydney, and Vientiane. She is currently wading through a PhD in human rights law at UNSW and has recently entered her tenth year of university. She did try to work full time once (in a commercial law firm) but it didn’t work out, so she is now determined to remain at university for a long as possible. She also posts at two peas, no pod, a blog she maintains with her husband. They are expecting their first child in March 2007.

Born in 1982, the occasional blogger known as dk.au is old enough to know better. An Inner Sydney Native, he looks forward to progressing from: darting cyclist to conspicuous, SUV-wheeled consumer of tolled roads; mediocre athleticism to beer bellied impotence; and menial middle manager to catch-what-you-can contractor (although predicts this to be ‘youth allowance to the dole’). Between hangovers, he tends shrines to Alison Goldfrapp and Mr. Scruff. His letters also include BSocSc (Hons.)

Gummo Trotsky, owner of Australia’s greatest wasted intellect, first dipped his toe into the waters of the blogosphere – as a commenter and using his real name – in October 2002. He very quickly decided that it would be prudent to adopt a pseudonym for further online discussion. After a middling long and sometimes interesting life – various highlights and lowlights can be found at his own blog – he has settled into a life of comfortable obscurity in a house in the not-so-inner suburbs of Melbourne, where he lives with his good friend Zeppo Bakunin, owner of Australia’s second greatest wasted intellect, and a backyard full of invasive introduced plants and various feral pests. His other interests include teaching himself to play air piano and arguing about who is really Australia’s greatest wasted intellect.

Kim is a Brisbane based photographer and designer, educated in sociology, film studies and Fine Art both in Australia and in the US. She self-identifies as a lesbian identified bisexual, but despite also being an American, is disinterested in identity politics. She is interested in politics, art, culture, life and stuff.

Mark Bahnisch. Mark’s bio is on this page..

Paul Norton is originally from Melbourne, but now lives in Brisbane and teaches and researches at Griffith University. He has a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science, and did his Ph.D. on the relationship between the environmental and labour movements in the period of the Hawke and Keating Federal Labor Governments. He enjoys reading, cycling absurd distances, attempting to play guitar, dabbling in songwriting and watching AFL matches on weekends in winter. He is a member of the Greens, the NTEU and the Australia Institute, likes drinking chardonnay but doesn’t drink latte.

Philip Gomes is a digital citizen based in Sydney.

Robert Corr has been blogging for longer than is healthy. It has helped him procrastinate his way through six years of university study; he will graduate later this year from the University of Notre Dame, with an honours degree in history and (hopefully) an honours degree in law. Rob is a member of the Labor Left and works part time on the staff of a WA Senator, though a move to the legal system (but not an evil firm!) is imminent. If you have any questions about starting your own blog, Rob is happy to help.

Robert Merkel has a blog entitled The View From Benambra, which refers to a very obscure mountain in North-Eastern Victoria with a lovely view from the fire tower on top, rather than the only slightly less obscure town 50-odd kilometres further south. He has actually lived for the past decade in the rather more latte-set surroundings of the southern bit of the People’s Republic of Moreland and is a postdoc in software engineering at a Victorian university.

Shaun Cronin is the blogger formerly known as Immanuel Rant. Back in the dim past he attained a Bachelor of Economics at University of New England. Said degree was put to good use leading him to be employed as an English teacher in Japan, taking up the role of a starving musician in Los Angeles and then stumbling into the IT industry in Sydney 8 years ago where he still works. He now lives on the Central Coast of NSW with his Beloved who both serve their cat, Akiyama.

Suz works for a mega media corporation, lives in an elite Liberal electorate and blogs here.

Happily married feminist gourmand gardener living in Sydney with husband, two just-teen sprogs and a cat, tigtog (aka Viv Smythe) has just enough wineracks and far too few bookshelves. Viv blogs eclectically at Hoyden About Town, is the editor and FAQ author at Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog and may be praised or abused via tigtog[AT]viv.id.au.

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