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Because one pointless controversy isn’t enough.

Tonight I saw one of those typical chase-the-dole-bludger-and-force-him-to-let-you-find-him-a-job stories on TT/ACA/whatever. The journo was reading out quotes from “viewers” to the poor guy as he ran down a mall. Bitching about how unfair it was that he got to live

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Rest in peace.

Bernie Banton, who will be remembered as the man who led and won the drawn-out battle for compensation from the building products giant James Hardie has died at his home in Sydney. Mr Banton, who suffered from mesothelioma, died at

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Progressing the Senate

There’s a greater focus on the role of the Senate since the Howard Government gained control of both Houses. That’s a very good thing, and let’s hope it continues. Most of the Senate focus has been on the importance of

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Wolves at our door…

8 days left, Mr Howard. Plenty of time to whip up something similar.

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Wild, Wild West

The last 9 days of the election look set to be quite the grab-bag of issues here in WA. The “AARRGH! SCARY UNIONS WILL DESTROY STUFF THE COUNTRY” meme has been dealt a bit of a blow now that two

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Quantum geek blog stoushes hit the big time

A guest post by Mick Something really weird is happening in science right now, it seems that the blogosphere is changing the nature of scientific discourse. A great example of this, and one that I’m familiar with because it’s a

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A new study, whose findings were released today, provides further evidence to suggest that there is no link between induced abortion and breast cancer. A 2003 international expert panel convened by the National Cancer Institute reviewed and assessed research regarding

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The Lancing of Howard

A guest post by Bernice Balconey Lancet Editorial Volume 369, Number 9570, 21 April 2007 Australia: the politics of fear and neglect Australian clinical and public-health research is an emblem of excellence across the Asia-Pacific region. That enviable position is

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Don't Mention the War!

A guest post by Audrey Apple From today’s The Advertiser: Holocaust glossed over “London: British schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a government-backed study has shown. The study found some teachers were reluctant

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A great woman

South Australian Liberal Senator Jeannie Ferris has died in a Canberra hospital after a battle with cancer. Senator Ferris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005 and had been receiving treatment at the Canberra Hospital for the past several weeks.

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