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The untold story of how Kevin 07 bit the dust

In a classroom not far from here last week the 6-year olds were being prepared to work in groups of four. Two in each group had obvious roles, leaving the other two to make up the numbers, as it were.

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Magic pudding coming up?

Gillard yesterday made her first spending promise: In her first major speech of the campaign for the August 21 election, Ms Gillard yesterday promised to reallocate $200m from existing housing programs to give 15 regional communities grants to improve local

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Laurie Oakes’ National Press Club allegations redux

As you are all aware, Laurie Oakes decided to crap all over Julia Gillard’s strategy leading into the election campaign with his ‘Kirribilli’ question(s) at the National Press Club last Thursday. It included this: Is it true that there was

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If you are unwilling to lead, get out of the way!

As scientists suggested that the summer Arctic ice could melt completely as early as 2013 and the waves may be soon rolling in on the Queensland coast as the Great Barrier Reef crumbles (see also Quiggin) tempers flared in Bali.

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Two cabinet ministers for climate change

The received wisdom seems to be that Rudd has hived off climate change from Peter Garrett’s responsibilities and given it to Penny Wong. This is not correct. In fact they will both work on climate change. Rudd explained it this

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IPCC Fourth Assessment Synthesis Report

As we hear that China’s emissions from power plants are due to rise 60% by 2017, that Australia is proclaimed world champion polluter and that New Zealand’s Southern Alps have lost about 5.8 cubic kilometres, or almost 11 per cent,

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The 60% emissions target: science or ideology

For some time now Howard with the assistance of some people who should know better has been establishing a meme that Labor’s 60% emissions target by 2050 will wreck the economy. Labor and the Greens with their 80% target are

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Howard repositioning, but still doesn’t get it

Tim Flannery talking to Phillip Adams last week said he had set himself the task this year of trying to get both major parties to adopt sensible climate change policies for the election. He said they had to answer the

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Raining it isn’t

It’s dry. In fact in the last 34 days at our place, just 7 km from the Brisbane CBD, we’ve had just one fall of 1.5 mm when it is supposed to rain every second day in March and 11/30

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Urgent action needed: Reef could die in 20 years

“If we don’t cut back on emissions very dramatically, we are going to look at loss of things like the Great Barrier Reef and other coral ecosystems,” Prof Hoegh-Guldberg said. “If we take it seriously and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Acidic oceans

The acidity of the ocean has increased by 30% since pre-industrial times and is predicted to double by 2100 because of increased uptake of CO2 according to expatriate Australian Australia’s leading oceanographer, Dr Tony Haymet, former Chief of Marine and

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