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Carbon Price Now!

So, now we know. Labor has wimped out on a carbon price – either from reintroducing the CPRS, or through an interim carbon price as proposed by the Greens. Instead, we’re going to get the delaying tactics of a focus

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2006 called…

…and wants its climate change policy back. Rather than actually doing taking an emissions trading scheme policy to an election, we’re getting a “Citizens’ Assembly – to examine over 12 months the evidence on climate change, the case for action

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The view from Channel 9 III

I was supposed to continue Kim’s excellent work covering what the commercial news networks have had to say about the campaign each night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get home in time. But, moving forward, I’m taking real action by reporting what

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The future of China

Graeme Dobell at the Lowy Interpreter notes the report of the China Update conference – you can read the proceedings here. Dobell is particularly interested in the work of Ross Garnaut (chapter 2 of the proceedings). The key finding? There

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Is this what elections come down to these days?

Tony Abbott’s top policys (sic) and plans (you can also see them in their campaign ad): End the waste Repay the debt Stop the taxes Stop the boats Jeez, the Opposition Leader’s top four election priorities. Really important issues, you’d

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The malign influence of non-profits

The political influence of big business is often, and justly, maligned. But there are cases where the (theoretically) not-for-profit nature of certain large organizations gives them a political reach far in excess of what an equivalent for-profit company would have

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Wikipedia for maps

This link is to an online map of the area immediately around my house. It’s not quite as neat and tidy as the equivalent Google Map, but you’ll have to excuse the cartographer and his equipment for that. The cartographer?

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No hurry on climate change targets

While it’s hardly a wedge in the traditional Howard style, the government has found itself somewhat caught out, at least in the public perception, by events in Bali. During the election campaign, as you’ll recall, Labor – and Kevin Rudd

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ASIO looking to cut overtime budget

Can anybody explain what else putting a midnight-5am curfew on David Hicks, and making him report to police three times a week, will achieve? Let me just register my deep and abiding sympathy for ASIO agents doing surveillance, sitting around

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State of the White House race…

Courtesy Talking Points Memo, a “just barely watchable” three-and-a-half minute summary of the Republican presidential primaries through the medium of TV campaign ads:

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Broadband barney begins

Labor’s promise to build a fiber to the node network danced around the elephant in the room: what Telstra was going to think of giving up its effective monopoly over the “last mile” from the exchange to people’s homes. Now

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Technological bumps along the road…

If Kevin Rudd really is serious about committing Australia to cuts of between 25 and 40% of emissions by 2020, we’re going to need every trick in the book to get there. To radically cut our carbon emissions over the

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Australia becomes part of the solution…

Yes, Australia has joined the civilized world and ratified the Kyoto protocol, though it will take until March for the UN to do the paperwork. Of course, the main game now is the Bali conference, which opened to Australia getting

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Smugglers arrested with bomb-grade uranium

This is scary: A gang arrested by Slovakian police was trafficking uranium so enriched that it could have been used by terrorists in a dirty bomb, it emerged today. Two Hungarians and a Ukrainian man were arrested as they tried

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Cabinet announced, Nelson to lead Liberals

OK, just quickly, here is Rudd’s new Cabinet. Noteworthy: Julia Gillard gets IR and education. Peter Garrett gets environment, heritage and the arts, but water and climate change have been hived off into a new portfolio for Penny Wong. Bob

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