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Now … Also Now

Now: Clarissa Keil, a freelance writer who “shares her time between Switzerland and Australia”, piously explained it all in the Sydney Morning Herald last week: “The more contemporary practice is a charitable donation on behalf of a family member or

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Then … Now

Then: THIS may be my last column. If you don’t see me again, you’ll know the Pinata Left has whacked me, too. You see, Kevin Rudd’s victory has unleashed a horde of haters with sticks who are trying to sack

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Pointless Controversy Resumed

(Achieving Community Division and Increased Newspaper Circulation Through the Rigorous Application of the Thoughts of Chairman Rupert) I’ve just been taking a look over the recent report of the Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee on Dress Codes and School

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Word of the Day: Kirpan

(Discussion on this post has been moved to here) The kirpan is one of five items of faith which are worn at all times by orthodox Sikhs. We’d call it a ceremonial dagger. It’s worn (or carried) as a symbol

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Speaking of Official Values

(Larva Prod Christmas E-Card Challenge) One notable omission from DIAC’s list of official Aussie values is “Every kid has a right to Santa Claus”. Yes, it’s Santa-Bothering Season again. The season was opened yesterday by Andrew Bolt, with this post

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Our Official Values

According to the DIAC booklet Becoming an Australian Citizen, these are the main values that matter in Australia. The ones that matter enough to be included in the Citizenship test that was introduced earlier this year by He Who Is

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Slow Politics – It’s the New Zeitgeist

… Let me make this point, Virginia, when you have a change of government, by this stage shouldn’t you have had the announcement shock horror, Budget secretly in deficit, books cooked? You know what’s amazed me? Just the quietness of

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Definitely an Own Goal – but Whose?

A week’s supposed to be a long time in politics but it seems that it’s nowhere near long enough for those insightful people over at the Rupertian to get over their peevishness at the way the voters let them down

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It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid

Another ex-GG columnist who is struggling to get the election result is Dennis Shanahan: A non-threatening Opposition leader was able to effect a benign dismissal of a competent government during a period of unprecedented economic growth… Using a prosperous economy,

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Now What?

Two days on from the big national organism, and the post-electoral tristesse still hasn’t worn off. But what’s a boy to blog about, now that the unmissed, unregretted Howard era is over? It’s not just John Howard I won’t be

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Come Monday …

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Snob Watch

Voters get the election campaigns they deserve and this time around the campaigns of both sides have been more than usually dull, although the coverage seems to carry on regardless of interest. Every day there are pages upon pages of

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A Surfeit of Plethoras

Blubberland by Elizabeth Farrelly, UNSW Press, 2007 Somewhere in Elizabeth Farrelly’s Blubberland, there’s a good essay on architecture and urban design struggling to get out. It first shows itself in this passage on sustainability and the city: If we were

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Alarmism 101

I’ve been reading another bad book over the past week – a really bad book. It’s a long spray at consumerism and urban sprawl. It follows a fairly familiar formula – after the introduction (where you tell the reader what

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Panic mode engaged. Aaargh!

Paul Kryten of the GG is afraid, very afraid:

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