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Bloggers, Beer and Melbourne this Thursday

Not sure what the quorum is to call a grog blog but bloggers will be getting together this Thursday night in Melbourne where alcoholic type imbibing will take place. The venue will be Lane’s Edge from 6:30pm on Thursday, the

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Kevin 07 and the efficacy of prayer

Back on October 18th I pondered about who God is gonna vote for in the election. As Kim notes, Family First didn’t do so well at the polls. It also seems that the prayers of the Exclusive Brethren went gone

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LP federal election caption contest

Even though I find myself in tropical climes for the final week of the election, I can’t help but have a peek at what is happening during the final week of the campaign. But rather then engage in psephological pontificating

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Musical Memories

LP in Exile has been a tad serious of late. You’d think there is an election going on. Wait, you mean there is? For how long? Really. And there actually is an end in sight? Anyway, time for something a

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Another bungled terrorism case

Today, NSW Supreme Court Justice Michael Adams threw out the case against terrorism suspect Izhar ul-Haque. The reason being ASIO officers had broken the law attempting to get answers from ul-Haque. I have no comment on the possible guilt or

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Who is holier than thou in senate preference deals?

In the battle for a senate seat there are some interesting alliances being done in an effort to get one of the minor parties a senate spot. The main effort seems to deny the Greens and The Democrats but especially

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The AHA are crying in their beers

Last night, if you were out and about in Sydney, you may have just heard at various pubs (under the constant dissonance of doof doof music and pokies) members of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) crying in the beers. The

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Mohamed Haneef and protecting liberal democracy in the age of terror

Balancing civil liberties with the need to have an effective counterterrorism campaign has long been a difficult issue for liberal democracies. The arrest, detention, release and now detention of suspect Mohamed Haneef has raised important questions about the protection of

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Damn Turnball and his dam ideas

Via Ken L at Road to Surfdom, the word is that the Prime Minister has urged Queensland and New South Wales to consider Malcom Turnbull’s idea of damming the Clarence river as to provide much needed water for South East

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So, you wanna be a NSW premier?

Dear Applicant, Thank you for enrolling the the premier training course for NSW premiers to be. Past alumni have included Bob Carr, John Fahey, Nick Greiner, and Neville Wran. Morris Iemma is a current graduate whereas Barry O’Farrell is scheduled

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Tsunamis and Australia

Earlier today a major earthquake estimated to have a magnitude of 7.3 struck near the Solomon Islands. At this stage reports are that 15 people have died as a result of the quake and resulting tsunami. With the devastating 2004

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Could blogs save us from Osama?

While the MSM has been reporting the imminent death of blogging, the utility of blogs is attracting attention elsewhere. The US intelligence community has long been divided by a common purpose. This lack of co-operation was identified as a major

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