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Saturday morning drinks in London

Well, my part in this election is over. Like many other Australians in the UK I made my way to London to visit Australia House to cast my ballot. Also like many other Australians in these parts I’ll be tied

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The King is dead! Long live the King (and the culture wars)!

Greg Sheridan has done some fantastic rambling in today’s GG. Apparently if Rudd wins this weekend teh evil elitist lefties will try to steal Australia’s future by re-writing its history and the only man from the forces of good and

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Liberal dirt unit is working overtime

A quick survey of today’s broadsheets reveals that the Liberal Party dirt unit has been working overtime and is coming up with zilch. Apparently 13 ALP candidates are still listed as employed on government websites. So they MUST HAVE BROKEN

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What would you do first?

In the SMH today there is an interesting interview with the Ruddster in which he outlines his top five priorities for his first three months in office, should he win that is (though I note that even the Shamaham now

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Is this a good enough reason to support the WGA strike?

Like many, my interwebby viewing pleasure has been hit hard hard by the current screen writers’ strike in the US. I normally rely on my daily dose of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report to keep myself somewhat sane and without it

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