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Which American would we vote for?

News has a vote quiz up which purports to show who Australians would vote for if they had a vote in the 2008 US presidential election. (It’s similar to the flawed quiz they ran during the Australian election.) I, apparently,

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ANZ and Gunns

Last week the Wilderness Society targeted the ANZ in protest against their involvement with the Gunns Pulp Mill. At the behest of GetUp, I wrote to ANZ telling them I intended to withdraw as a customer if they went ahead

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Kev ’08

If we had a ‘shameless plug’ category, I’d use it for this post. Some pals of mine have created a t-shirt for the new era. Unfortunately it’s too late for Hannukah, but if you hurry you could get one in

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Howard’s end

Richard Flanagan, writing in The Guardian, comprehensively puts the lie to the idea of Howard as one of this country’s greatest (or even great) prime ministers. [For me, the angriest moment on election night was when Howard spoke about “bequeathing”

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2007 election night

Most of the Larvatus Prodeo collective are away from their computers, but some of us diehard blogging tragics are on hand to comment as the results come through. Please feel free to join in on the comments thread, but remember

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Wentworth: the final days

I’ve lost track of how many leaflets and letters I’ve received this week — at least one every day, nearly all from Malcolm Turnbull.

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Saturday night

So what will you doing on Saturday night? Some of us blogging tragics are planning to live blog the election results here on Larvatus Prodeo. Will anyone be reading? We can’t predict the frequency of the updates as it all

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Great Aussie achievements

This story made the front page of The Guardian online today. It didn’t rate the front page of The Australian or The Sydney Morning Herald/Age websites. (Yes it did make the papers yesterday, but the news cycle has apparently moved

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Two-state solution

A group of eight heavyweights in US foreign policy wrote to Bush and Rice in October calling for a last-ditch effort to achieve a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine situation. Immanuel Wallerstein considers their proposal in its historical context. It’s

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Nicholson nails Howard’s apologia.

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Patriarchal passions

This is written by Paul Norton of the LP collective. Today (Thursday) ninemsn’s Passion Pulse poll is asking for responses to the following statement by Julia Gillard: I think people want to see women stepping forward and taking a fair

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Turnbull vs Garrett

If you turned to the Sydney Morning Herald site at the moment (5pm), you could be forgiven for thinking the Press Club debate of the environment ministers didn’t happen today. It’s not even alluded to on their Federal Election environment

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Hans Blix on peace

I went to hear Dr Hans Blix at Sydney Town Hall this evening. Dr Blix is in Australia to receive the Sydney Peace Prize (from Paul Keating) tomorrow night.

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Walk against Warming

Next Sunday November 11 is the second Walk Against Warming, deliberately planned for two weeks before the election. There will be at least 50 walks across Australia. Sydney’s Walk Against Warming will kick off in The Domain at 1pm, with

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