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The Trotskyism of Julia Gillard

According to Piers Akerman, Julia Gillard is a closet Trot: There has not been and will not be a similar examination of Gillard’s long involvement as a key member of the extreme Left group, the Socialist Alliance formed by members

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National Security Committee Meetings and past and present PMs

Seriously, just how many senior members of Cabinet really need to be present for every single NSCC meeting?

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The view from Channel 9 III

I was supposed to continue Kim’s excellent work covering what the commercial news networks have had to say about the campaign each night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get home in time. But, moving forward, I’m taking real action by reporting what

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The view from Channel Nine II

For an explanation of why I’m writing these posts, see last night’s entry. So, from the vantage point of commercial news, tonight was all about the kids. (And, again, the election was bumped into second spot, this time by a

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Process issues, pontification and the journosphere

Writing in Crikey this morning, Bernard Keane says of the debate about the debate: Debates are a festival for the political class. Journalists, political tragics and politicians obsess over them. The other 99% of the population are essentially indifferent to

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Spotlight the Spin

A weekly look at stories various PR people tried to bury in the tail end of the news cycle before this last weekend. What are they hoping that we won’t talk about this week because it’s old news now? Let’s give those stories some oxygen, link to blogs discussing them, and reanimate their shambling zombie corpses.

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The big purple blog is back.

Hurrah! Posting will now resume at the proper place (see RSS module in the sidebar for links to recent posts at our main site).

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Well, Kevin 24/7 might want to keep on working all through the festive season, but for some of us lesser mortals it’s been a rather long and intense year and a bit of recreation is in order! So I’m taking

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Now … Also Now

Now: Clarissa Keil, a freelance writer who “shares her time between Switzerland and Australia”, piously explained it all in the Sydney Morning Herald last week: “The more contemporary practice is a charitable donation on behalf of a family member or

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Culture Wars… now and forever!

Okay, let’s concede a point to Planet Janet, Bolta and the rest of the defeated culture warriors – we still need your voices in our national conversation! John Quiggin suggests: With no share of political power anywhere in the country,

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Wikipedia for maps

This link is to an online map of the area immediately around my house. It’s not quite as neat and tidy as the equivalent Google Map, but you’ll have to excuse the cartographer and his equipment for that. The cartographer?

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Then … Now

Then: THIS may be my last column. If you don’t see me again, you’ll know the Pinata Left has whacked me, too. You see, Kevin Rudd’s victory has unleashed a horde of haters with sticks who are trying to sack

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Guest post by Christine Keeler

Being completely unable to cope with the election of a mild-mannered Queensland Christian to the highest political office in the land, Greg has apparently boarded a rickety craft, fled across the seas, and ended up in a settlement somewhere in

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Nine: we’re still the one… for sexism

It’s summer and one way to pass the time is to watch the cricket. For gals as well as guys. But that entrenched bastion of blokiness, Channel Nine, it appears, is intent on keeping its cricket coverage a blokes only

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Culture warriors refuse to admit defeat!

Dunno if anyone else is still reading the op/ed pages of The Australian post-election. There was quite a bizarre piece in there today from Tom Switzer, the op/editor himself, which Guy Rundle characterised as an application for his own job.

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