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Foxy Jolie

I noticed just before on gmail that a friend I was chatting to via google talk had a song listed next to her name. Enquiring further, I was introduced to a very spiffy Firefox addon that enables you to control

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Darlene recommends

  Across the Universe is a film that has divided critics (well, David liked it and Margaret liked it a bit).  Director Julie Taymor, of Lion King fame, doesn’t completely pull it off as the movie lacks the capacity to make the

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Sexist bollocks and Nancy Spungen

  Nancy Spungen somehow manages to maintain a MySpace site from the grave. The site, which was probably created by a person fixated on the romantic interpretation of Nancy’s relationship with Sid Vicious, is coloured black and poorly constructed (metaphors

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I remember the first time I heard John Coltrane

Trevor Hart fans will get the reference. Following on from Mark’s Valley Jazz Festival post last night, two bands worth seeing tonight are The Sarah Collyer Trio at the Bank Vault (corner Ann St & the Brunswick St Mall) at

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Megan Washington @ the Valley Jazz Festival

The Valley Jazz Festival started on Tuesday night, back this year bigger and better with an infusion of promo and artist dosh from some dedicated fund raising from the folks at Jazz Queensland. I haven’t been down the road to

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LP was promoting Canadian indie music long before the NY Times discovered the fabulous Feist. Indie to commercial success narrative aside, who has better dance routines in videos than the fantabulous Ms F?

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