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Disabled in a disaster? Just wait until we've helped all the real people, all right?

Lauredhel had a post a few days ago noting the plight of a quadriplegic man abandoned while the ablebodied passengers were evacuated during the train breakdown on the Sydney Harbour Bridge recently and told he would be evacuated “in two

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The Go bag

I’ll see your fridge magnet and raise you a Go bag. The City of Sydney along with the Federal Government wants us all to get ready. Sydneysiders will be encouraged to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies in an

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Moral Panic Monday!

I couldn’t bring myself to watch more than five minutes of Difference of Opinion tonight (not for the first time). Let me just say that bullying existed before cyber bullying, pron existed before the intertubes, teenagers were writing angsty poetry

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Virginia Tech and (violent) creative writing

There’s been some discussion on the other thread of the fact that Cho Seung-Hui was a creative writing student. Let’s dispose of the claim made by some wingnuts, desparate to throw up a smokescreen to obscure the fact that gun

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Massacre at Virginia Tech

The deadliest single shooting incident in US history has taken place. Wikipedia has a timeline of events. Pajamas have a rundown of coverage and commentary here. Trauma on this scale, amplified by phonecam images from the scene and blog/Livejournal entries

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Vonnegut was from somewhere else: Tralfamadore, perhaps.

I liked this remark from Tim Sterne’s (non) obit post at Sarsaparilla so much I thought I’d lift it for this one. Hope you don’t mind, Tim! As already noted by commenters on Suz’ thread, Kurt Vonnegut has passed away.

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Save the Children Solomon Islands tsunami appeal (now with limerick contest!)

I have a feeling that with all the talk over Peter Beattie and Australian disaster preparedness (or the lack thereof!), there’s been less attention paid than there should have been to the plight of people who actually were hit by

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Tsunamis and Australia

Earlier today a major earthquake estimated to have a magnitude of 7.3 struck near the Solomon Islands. At this stage reports are that 15 people have died as a result of the quake and resulting tsunami. With the devastating 2004

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