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Saturday Salon

An open thread, where at your weekend leisure, you can discuss anything you like.

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Wednesday Whimsy

This week’s Whimsy thread is hosted by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

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It’s official: New Zealanders hate Snoopy

I’ve put this post in the “levity” category, however, I note Kimberella’s Culture Wars…now and forever! was also placed in “levity”, so perhaps this post should be in “so bloody shallow even Paris and Darlene would find it lacking depth”.

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Now … Also Now

Now: Clarissa Keil, a freelance writer who “shares her time between Switzerland and Australia”, piously explained it all in the Sydney Morning Herald last week: “The more contemporary practice is a charitable donation on behalf of a family member or

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Christmas baubles of horror

So, it’s the season where Carol rage escalates, and too much late night shopping is never enough time. Personally, I’m most disturbed by these enormous Christmas decorations at the Macarthur Centre on Edward Street. I wouldn’t like to be standing

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Culture Wars… now and forever!

Okay, let’s concede a point to Planet Janet, Bolta and the rest of the defeated culture warriors – we still need your voices in our national conversation! John Quiggin suggests: With no share of political power anywhere in the country,

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A Melbourne Christmas

Getting Federation Square for Christmas is probably only marginally more disappointing than getting a pair of socks.

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The best $20 you’ll ever spend?

  On the bookshelf at home a copy of The Rules sits between a book by Donna Tartt and something or rather by Jeanette Winterson. The guide to getting a bloke was left by a former tenant (perhaps she thought

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State of the White House race…

Courtesy Talking Points Memo, a “just barely watchable” three-and-a-half minute summary of the Republican presidential primaries through the medium of TV campaign ads:

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John Howard, the 007 version

Pure comedy gold from Aussie Bob at Surfdom – Cabinet: The Movie. Nothing more to say. Go round and look.

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Go Ahead, Be Stupid – It's Your Democratic Right!

CHRIS UHLMANN: On a personal level, were you expecting to see some signs of a turnaround in the polls by now? TONY ABBOTT: I think it would be fair to say that you always tend to expect that good government

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Guns Don't Kill People – Doctors Kill People!

According to a comment at Club Troppo, doctors are a bigger threat to community safety than guns. And, this being the internet, the commenter, Phil, had the links to prove it.

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Moral Panic Monday! II

If things get really desparate for the government this year, will they be tempted to take a leaf out of Utah Republicans’ book? “Utah County Republicans ended their convention on Saturday by debating Satan’s influence on illegal immigrants. (…) Don

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Things to Come: Collected Writings

I’ve just been looking over the web-site of the Right Honourable Mr John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, in particular, the speeches in the Media Centre section. One striking thing is the orotundity of some of the titles, which are

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The real moral challenge of our century

John Howard says that he won’t sacrifice Australia’s great economy on the altar of climate change. Our Dear Leader is shining a torch towards a future where we can all be at ease. But, but, has he considered the most

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