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Here’s the new LP home

Head on over thisaway. As said on my earlier announcement, we are about to switch the domain to point at the new server, but propagation may take some time.

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Don’t groan: we’re moving you all again

We have a new server for LP up and running, and are about to switch the domain to point at it. This means that I need to migrate all these latest Exile posts over there for you to enjoy

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Welcome back to LP Minor!

Please treat this as a Salon thread, and talk about whatever takes your fancy.

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Renovation Salon

So, the main blog is being revamped. This may take a few hours if everything goes well, or a few days if the gremlins start playing up. Have at an open thread here in the meantime, folks.

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The big purple blog is back.

Hurrah! Posting will now resume at the proper place (see RSS module in the sidebar for links to recent posts at our main site).

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Bloggers, Beer and Melbourne this Thursday

Not sure what the quorum is to call a grog blog but bloggers will be getting together this Thursday night in Melbourne where alcoholic type imbibing will take place. The venue will be Lane’s Edge from 6:30pm on Thursday, the

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LP Sunday beers in Brisneyland

Come along to the Powerhouse tomorrow at 3pm and raise a cold one and toast summer in the Rudd era… All Brisbane LPers most welcome! If you’re on Facebook, you can rsvp there.

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“Bloggish debate”

It’s not exactly the burning question of the day, I’d have thought, but the two Andrews (Leigh and Norton) are debating “should public schools be privatised?” on their respective blogs… Andrew Leigh writes: The idea of a two-way discussion is

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Saturday Salon

An open thread where you can, at your weekend leisure, discuss anything you like. We were hoping to move back home this weekend, having (we thought) ironed out all the bugs at our new server. But, unfortunately, it looks like

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Vale Matt Price

One thing that’s been crystal clear about this campaign is how many journos and pundits spent their time carrying on like porkchops, and it’s not just the bitchslapping candidates and flirty emails style of journo. So it’s very sad to

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Saturday Salon (Election07 edition)

An open thread where, at your weekend leisure, you can discuss anything you like. You may, of course, wish to discuss the election! I’m writing this ahead of time, on Wednesday night before I head down to Sydney tomorrow. To

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Saturday morning drinks in London

Well, my part in this election is over. Like many other Australians in the UK I made my way to London to visit Australia House to cast my ballot. Also like many other Australians in these parts I’ll be tied

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Sydney stuff

I’m heading down to Sydney on Thursday morning. There are two events on over the weekend which LP people might find interesting. I’m speaking at a public forum on Friday night, along with Chris Nash and Rachel Hills, which is

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Moving home progress report

We were hoping that we’d be shifting back to LP-proper later on today, but it looks like there are a few remaining bugs to be ironed out. The site is successfully running on the new server, but there are a

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The Senate group vote preference flows have been registered

So all we below-the-line voters can start sorting out just how repulsed we are by some of the choices, and just exactly which boxes we will number in what order on the day. AEC, State by State.

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