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Carbon Price Now!

So, now we know. Labor has wimped out on a carbon price – either from reintroducing the CPRS, or through an interim carbon price as proposed by the Greens. Instead, we’re going to get the delaying tactics of a focus

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ANZ and Gunns

Last week the Wilderness Society targeted the ANZ in protest against their involvement with the Gunns Pulp Mill. At the behest of GetUp, I wrote to ANZ telling them I intended to withdraw as a customer if they went ahead

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A project for the Decents

Predictably, I guess, Pamela Bone’s question to Germaine Greer on behalf of ALL DECENT LEFTIES EVERYWHERE (discussed in this post from me and by Helen at the Balcony) didn’t just get play on Andrew Bolt’s blog, but also resulted in…

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Turner prize won

  Mark Wallinger and part of his anti-Iraq War winner of the Turner prize installation. Guardian Unlimited reports that: State Britain, on show between January and September 2007 at Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries in London, was by far the most overtly

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I had a dream

I had a dream about Noel Pearson last night, the details of which I won’t go into, but it’s a bit of a weird thing and it’s never happened before to my knowledge. As regular LP readers will know, I’m

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Blogging a new government

Acccording to Club Bloggery, political blogs had a good election, but they wonder about the future: As mentioned earlier, poitical bloggers – and particularly psephs – have had a win this election. Part of the reason that organs like the

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Predictions and wishes and reasons for joy

Just a bit of amateur scrying from a non-pseph young’n… and an awkward segue into a prediction thread. Wishes, predictions, night terrors and ominous creakings – let’s hear ’em. …. Guest post by Barry, cross-posted from This is my

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Is this a good enough reason to support the WGA strike?

Like many, my interwebby viewing pleasure has been hit hard hard by the current screen writers’ strike in the US. I normally rely on my daily dose of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report to keep myself somewhat sane and without it

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Hans Blix on peace

I went to hear Dr Hans Blix at Sydney Town Hall this evening. Dr Blix is in Australia to receive the Sydney Peace Prize (from Paul Keating) tomorrow night.

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I’ve vaguely been thinking “good on ’em” but not much more about it with regards to the whole Movember movement – grow a moustache during November to raise funds for men’s health. It’s good to see the joint effort with

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Walk against Warming

Next Sunday November 11 is the second Walk Against Warming, deliberately planned for two weeks before the election. There will be at least 50 walks across Australia. Sydney’s Walk Against Warming will kick off in The Domain at 1pm, with

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Cyber choice activism for Australian-Americans

Yes, we do exist! 🙂 Tigtog wrote last week about the reactionary Supreme Court decision in Gonzales v. Carhart. If you’re an American citizen, and are concerned, you should urge your Senator and Congressperson to co-sponsor and support Barbara Boxer

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Eliminating nuclear weapons??

According to Judge Christopher Weeramantry, launching a new “International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons”: The main reason we are held hostage by the most destructive technology on earth is simple: the complete lack of international resolve to ban nuclear weapons

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Cyberbullies again

DeviousDiva, a pseudonymous British expat living and blogging in Greece, has been harassed by Greek nationalist bloggers, threatening to out her, for writing a series on the maltreatment of the Roma in Athens. Thankfully the major culprit blog has now

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Union bosses omnipotent, etc?

An intriguing email landed in my inbox on Friday. In two weeks’ time, the Australian Labor Party will meet for their National Conference, where they will thrash out their policies for the 2007 federal election. We have seven days to

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