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Interviews useless?

Peter Martin has an interesting post on a turnaround by the UQ Medical School, who’ve decided to scrap interviews as part of the selection process for their graduate medical degree. He cites an American psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, who is also

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Pointless Controversy Resumed

(Achieving Community Division and Increased Newspaper Circulation Through the Rigorous Application of the Thoughts of Chairman Rupert) I’ve just been taking a look over the recent report of the Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee on Dress Codes and School

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Separatist schools

Apropos of this blog’s recent Kirpanning, I’ve put together a piece for Online Opinion which explores the notion of separatist schooling, and what it might mean for Australia. Like Sunwhite rice, these schools cling, and separate. Read there. Stoush here.

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The last post for the humanities?

LP readers might recall my posts earlier in the year on the push to abolish the humanities at QUT. Last Thursday, the School of Humanities and Human Services held, as its final function, a seminar called “The Last Post” to

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“Bloggish debate”

It’s not exactly the burning question of the day, I’d have thought, but the two Andrews (Leigh and Norton) are debating “should public schools be privatised?” on their respective blogs… Andrew Leigh writes: The idea of a two-way discussion is

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Let’s pretend we’re Mr G

So Kevin07 has given his backbenchers some homework before Thursday’s caucus meeting – they’ve all got to visit two schools in his electorate and have a yarn. Andrew Leigh asks his readers to speculate on what school principals might tell

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Backwater one day, powerhouse the next

From today’s Crikey email: In reflecting on the Labor policy launch last week, I wrote: Rudd is banking on the fact that there are future-oriented Australians out there in sufficient number who believe that as far as John Howard is

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Ain’t gonna study (culture) war no more…

If even Geoffrey Blainey’s upset with John Howard, you know the PM can’t be having a good week (or year, for that matter). The eminent historian has expressed concern about Howard’s personal intervention in the awarding of a history prize

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Education revolution comes incrementally

Well, it’s taken a while, but we’ve finally got an electoral bribe in this election campaign targeted straight at my hip pocket – or, at least, my hip pocket a few years from now: A Rudd Labor Government will invest

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QUT farewells the "old" humanities?

I’ve always been perplexed, and annoyed, by the tone of much of the conservative criticism of university education in the humanities and social sciences (I deliberately omit the words “logic” and “argument”). Either pundits, pollies and culture warriors extrapolate from

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Virginia Tech and (violent) creative writing

There’s been some discussion on the other thread of the fact that Cho Seung-Hui was a creative writing student. Let’s dispose of the claim made by some wingnuts, desparate to throw up a smokescreen to obscure the fact that gun

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Cat, bag

Julie Bishop, whose ill thought out talking points on teacher performance pay went precisely nowhere when they were considered last week at a ministerial meeting with the states as predicted, has come clean and admitted her “incentives” model would lead

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"Laughing at the disabled"

Update: I’ve written a post on the latest development in this affair, the suspension of Hookham and MacLennan for six months without pay, which I think is a completely over the top reaction, and says something very dodgy about QUT.

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Must try harder…

[Hat tip to Slim at The Dead Roo for the link.] We’ve previously had a couple of vigorous debates on the culture wars sport of teacher bashing, and in particular, the idea that performance pay for teachers would be a

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Don't Mention the War!

A guest post by Audrey Apple From today’s The Advertiser: Holocaust glossed over “London: British schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a government-backed study has shown. The study found some teachers were reluctant

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