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The manner of his leaving

Well, that’s it, then. The poll has been declared in Bennelong, and John Howard showed up to concede defeat and congratulate the new member for Bennelong, Maxine McKew. Some are seeking solace in small mercies: Mr Howard could draw satisfaction

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Rudd and the left

Gerard Henderson appears to think that what he might characterise as a marriage of convenience (or perhaps a civil union formalised by an election night ceremony?) between the left and the new ALP government is bound to break up. I’m

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It’s starting to feel a lot like…

As Gummo pointed out, the onset of Santa-bothering Season in the tabloids is a sure sign that the festive season has crept up on us. It’s probably only us political junkies, but for me at least the rhythm of the

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Why (and how) Labor won

Possum has written a great post dissecting the latest Newspoll (yep, they still do those…) which shows that the Liberal/media spin of Labor winning because Rudd was a mini-Howard is bulldust. He demonstrates that a majority of electors voted for

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Definitely an Own Goal – but Whose?

A week’s supposed to be a long time in politics but it seems that it’s nowhere near long enough for those insightful people over at the Rupertian to get over their peevishness at the way the voters let them down

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Liberal keen to see economy destroyed

As a vigorous debate rages within the remnants of the Liberal party as to whether they should allow Labor’s windback of WorkChoices to pass in the Senate, one Liberal backbencher has voiced support, because he’d like to see the economy

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Blogging a new government

Acccording to Club Bloggery, political blogs had a good election, but they wonder about the future: As mentioned earlier, poitical bloggers – and particularly psephs – have had a win this election. Part of the reason that organs like the

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Predictions and wishes and reasons for joy

Just a bit of amateur scrying from a non-pseph young’n… and an awkward segue into a prediction thread. Wishes, predictions, night terrors and ominous creakings – let’s hear ’em. …. Guest post by Barry, cross-posted from This is my

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NYT on the election…

For your amusement, the “paper of record” manages to make a complete hash of its “analysis” of the Australian election. Another potential fissure is over America’s military presence in Australia. An expansion of America’s forward basing abilities, which was part

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Let’s pretend we’re Mr G

So Kevin07 has given his backbenchers some homework before Thursday’s caucus meeting – they’ve all got to visit two schools in his electorate and have a yarn. Andrew Leigh asks his readers to speculate on what school principals might tell

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“Last moments in the sun”

Eleven years is a long time in politics. It was interesting to watch Lateline last night and to see Helen Coonan and Christopher Pyne as Tony Jones’ interviewees (not for anything they said, mind, though it was significant that Coonan

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Kevin 07 and the efficacy of prayer

Back on October 18th I pondered about who God is gonna vote for in the election. As Kim notes, Family First didn’t do so well at the polls. It also seems that the prayers of the Exclusive Brethren went gone

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It’s the lived economy and values, stupid!

For my take on the significance of the dawning of the Rudd era, please have a read of my piece published in New Matilda today.

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Howard’s end

Richard Flanagan, writing in The Guardian, comprehensively puts the lie to the idea of Howard as one of this country’s greatest (or even great) prime ministers. [For me, the angriest moment on election night was when Howard spoke about “bequeathing”

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Abbott’s in

ABC News: Outgoing health minister Tony Abbott has declared he will challenge Malcolm Turnbull for the leadership of the Liberal Party…”I’m offering myself as a candidate, I don’t know how the numbers are likely to pan out,” Mr Abbott said

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