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Carbon Price Now!

So, now we know. Labor has wimped out on a carbon price – either from reintroducing the CPRS, or through an interim carbon price as proposed by the Greens. Instead, we’re going to get the delaying tactics of a focus

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Federal election 2010: The end of Paul Kelly’s neo-liberal consensus

One day it would be interesting to research whether Paul Kelly was the first to proclaim the importance of the ‘narrative’ in Australian politics. Certainly, it’s been his leitmotif. And central to his two door-stopping tomes on recent political history

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Federal election 2010: The ghost of culture wars past

Gary Sauer-Thompson at Public Opinion has skewered David Burchell’s latest op/ed, which includes a typification of two different types of voters:

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Gulf Oil spill: nightmare over?

It is a sign of how cautious the main parties have become in the wake of numerous publicity gaffes that nobody was prepared even to hint that the nightmare of oil billowing into the clean waters of the Gulf was over.

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The malign influence of non-profits

The political influence of big business is often, and justly, maligned. But there are cases where the (theoretically) not-for-profit nature of certain large organizations gives them a political reach far in excess of what an equivalent for-profit company would have

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ANZ and Gunns

Last week the Wilderness Society targeted the ANZ in protest against their involvement with the Gunns Pulp Mill. At the behest of GetUp, I wrote to ANZ telling them I intended to withdraw as a customer if they went ahead

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If you are unwilling to lead, get out of the way!

As scientists suggested that the summer Arctic ice could melt completely as early as 2013 and the waves may be soon rolling in on the Queensland coast as the Great Barrier Reef crumbles (see also Quiggin) tempers flared in Bali.

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No hurry on climate change targets

While it’s hardly a wedge in the traditional Howard style, the government has found itself somewhat caught out, at least in the public perception, by events in Bali. During the election campaign, as you’ll recall, Labor – and Kevin Rudd

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Technological bumps along the road…

If Kevin Rudd really is serious about committing Australia to cuts of between 25 and 40% of emissions by 2020, we’re going to need every trick in the book to get there. To radically cut our carbon emissions over the

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Australia becomes part of the solution…

Yes, Australia has joined the civilized world and ratified the Kyoto protocol, though it will take until March for the UN to do the paperwork. Of course, the main game now is the Bali conference, which opened to Australia getting

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Two cabinet ministers for climate change

The received wisdom seems to be that Rudd has hived off climate change from Peter Garrett’s responsibilities and given it to Penny Wong. This is not correct. In fact they will both work on climate change. Rudd explained it this

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Predictions and wishes and reasons for joy

Just a bit of amateur scrying from a non-pseph young’n… and an awkward segue into a prediction thread. Wishes, predictions, night terrors and ominous creakings – let’s hear ’em. …. Guest post by Barry, cross-posted from This is my

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The first act – Bali

Given the prominent part that climate change has played in the election, it is fortuitous indeed that the first major set piece of the new government will be the upcoming climate change summit in Bali. It’s wrong to say that

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Careful there voters! You can’t return the Boogieman like an unwanted Christmas present, you know! But Unca John can keep your economy safe…why won’t you trust me?

Now our Prime Minister is treating voters like heedless children who simply haven’t thought carefully enough about what change might mean. Mr Howard says there is always a risk with changing Government. And he warns voters flirting with the idea

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IPCC Fourth Assessment Synthesis Report

As we hear that China’s emissions from power plants are due to rise 60% by 2017, that Australia is proclaimed world champion polluter and that New Zealand’s Southern Alps have lost about 5.8 cubic kilometres, or almost 11 per cent,

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