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National Security Committee Meetings and past and present PMs

Seriously, just how many senior members of Cabinet really need to be present for every single NSCC meeting?

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Assessing the merits of a regional asylum seeker centre as policy

If this election proves anything, it proves that both parties have taken the notion of polling driven strategy to ever greater heights. Once, policies were road tested via focus groups to guage their acceptability and to refine selling points. Now,

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Federal election 2010: The end of Paul Kelly’s neo-liberal consensus

One day it would be interesting to research whether Paul Kelly was the first to proclaim the importance of the ‘narrative’ in Australian politics. Certainly, it’s been his leitmotif. And central to his two door-stopping tomes on recent political history

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Because one pointless controversy isn’t enough.

Tonight I saw one of those typical chase-the-dole-bludger-and-force-him-to-let-you-find-him-a-job stories on TT/ACA/whatever. The journo was reading out quotes from “viewers” to the poor guy as he ran down a mall. Bitching about how unfair it was that he got to live

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Broadband barney begins

Labor’s promise to build a fiber to the node network danced around the elephant in the room: what Telstra was going to think of giving up its effective monopoly over the “last mile” from the exchange to people’s homes. Now

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The knackery beckons

Ross Gittins, economics writer in the SMH, used his column space during the election campaign to debunk the economic nonsense sprouted by Howard & Co as to their success as economic managers. Again & again he pointed out that the

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Our Official Values

According to the DIAC booklet Becoming an Australian Citizen, these are the main values that matter in Australia. The ones that matter enough to be included in the Citizenship test that was introduced earlier this year by He Who Is

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Slow Politics – It’s the New Zeitgeist

… Let me make this point, Virginia, when you have a change of government, by this stage shouldn’t you have had the announcement shock horror, Budget secretly in deficit, books cooked? You know what’s amazed me? Just the quietness of

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Open New Government thread

Today the Rudd ministry will be sworn in by the Governor General. I suspect there will be press conferences. Update by MB: Photo added, borrowed from The Age.

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Ozonomics – Inside the Myth of Australia's Economic Superheroes

The meme that the steadily growing economy of the last decade owes a lot to a) luck, and b) the Hawke-Keating reforms of the 1980s and 1990s, has been steadily propogating after, seemingly, starting out as a few grizzles in

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Tough but on What, Exactly?

Former Senator and aspirant to the title of Australia’s own Iron Lady, Bronwyn Bishop, seems to have adopted a new role model. It used to be Margaret Thatcher – now she’s looking to the US and the example of a

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Super Hornets can't drop our preferred weapons

Unlike some posters here (hi Nabs), I don’t get to go to the trade days at the Australian International Air Show. On the public days, the defence hardware makers all go hide themselves away, leaving the punters to gawp at

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They're at it again…

Labor’s New Right Fifth Column (in the form of the Forestry Division of the CFMEU) is attempting to have Labor’s National Platform amended to rule out any further reservation of forests for conservation purposes. As one might expect, this move

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