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Little Australia and the population ‘debate’

Bernard Keane has a good piece in this morning’s Crikey election special edition, reflecting on yesterday’s installment of the so-called population debate. Let’s remember that Julia Gillard linked the asylum seeker issue to infrastructure and sustainability issues in the first

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Federal election 2010: The ghost of culture wars past

Gary Sauer-Thompson at Public Opinion has skewered David Burchell’s latest op/ed, which includes a typification of two different types of voters:

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The manner of his leaving

Well, that’s it, then. The poll has been declared in Bennelong, and John Howard showed up to concede defeat and congratulate the new member for Bennelong, Maxine McKew. Some are seeking solace in small mercies: Mr Howard could draw satisfaction

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Howard’s end

Richard Flanagan, writing in The Guardian, comprehensively puts the lie to the idea of Howard as one of this country’s greatest (or even great) prime ministers. [For me, the angriest moment on election night was when Howard spoke about “bequeathing”

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The great election hangover!

Hangovers evidently don’t feel so bad under a Labor government. So, a bit of a roundup of the results is probably in order. The best place to go to for an overall picture is Antony Green’s ABC election page. My

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Come Monday …

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Australia’s answer to Californication?

Except much less sexy… Over at the ABC’s Unleashed election commentary site, I’ve had a look at John Howard’s Queenslandification of Australia – Joh era style. Cross-posted at PollieGraph.

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The King is dead! Long live the King (and the culture wars)!

Greg Sheridan has done some fantastic rambling in today’s GG. Apparently if Rudd wins this weekend teh evil elitist lefties will try to steal Australia’s future by re-writing its history and the only man from the forces of good and

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Politics as if it mattered II

Some more thoughts on this continuing theme from me at PollieGraph.

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Careful there voters! You can’t return the Boogieman like an unwanted Christmas present, you know! But Unca John can keep your economy safe…why won’t you trust me?

Now our Prime Minister is treating voters like heedless children who simply haven’t thought carefully enough about what change might mean. Mr Howard says there is always a risk with changing Government. And he warns voters flirting with the idea

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Liberal dirt unit is working overtime

A quick survey of today’s broadsheets reveals that the Liberal Party dirt unit has been working overtime and is coming up with zilch. Apparently 13 ALP candidates are still listed as employed on government websites. So they MUST HAVE BROKEN

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One of the things that most struck me about John Howard’s campaign launch last week was his invocation of a speech Menzies made in 1942. The “forgotten people” speech was so long ago that it would have no resonance for

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What would you do first?

In the SMH today there is an interesting interview with the Ruddster in which he outlines his top five priorities for his first three months in office, should he win that is (though I note that even the Shamaham now

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The Jo Hos discuss the race card over afternoon tea

More John Howard Ladies’ Auxiliary goodness at Facebook.

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What a slimy, self-regarding, small, repugnant, grub of a man

I’ve become so inured to the sight of our current Prime Minister arrogating the ceremonial duties of our Governor General that I tend to no longer be outraged. Thankfully, Ken Lovell at Surfdom is not so reticent, and his description

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