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Ozonomics – Inside the Myth of Australia's Economic Superheroes

The meme that the steadily growing economy of the last decade owes a lot to a) luck, and b) the Hawke-Keating reforms of the 1980s and 1990s, has been steadily propogating after, seemingly, starting out as a few grizzles in

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Money Meets Mouth

Brian of Backseat driving has made a real bet on global warming – as opposed to those vague publicity stunts from BetUS.

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QUT farewells the "old" humanities?

I’ve always been perplexed, and annoyed, by the tone of much of the conservative criticism of university education in the humanities and social sciences (I deliberately omit the words “logic” and “argument”). Either pundits, pollies and culture warriors extrapolate from

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Be your own focus group

As Ken L reports over at Surfdom, Howard is flicking the switch to philosopher king, giving a speech in Brisbane today which as Guy at Polemica writes, is supposed to “position him as a political visionary”. Mr Howard will today

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File this one away for future reference

Next time Cossie starts ranting about “robbing the future”, go back and have a read of Tony Harris’ Fin Review column posted at Troppo. The first thing to say about the future fund is that it is unnecessary. Before it

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Work/death balance

There’s a very tragic story being reported about the death of a young Melbourne woman, Sally Sandic, who took her life at age 21. Her parents are contemplating suing her employer, Telstra, as they believe that pressure to exceed sales

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Demography? Destiny? Decline of TEH WEST?

Since people on the other thread wanted to get all Spenglerian on me, perhaps a demography thread is timely, particularly with the release of Peter Costello’s latest Inter-generational report. Fertility, obviously, being his signature issue. I can’t put my fundamental

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