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ASIO looking to cut overtime budget

Can anybody explain what else putting a midnight-5am curfew on David Hicks, and making him report to police three times a week, will achieve? Let me just register my deep and abiding sympathy for ASIO agents doing surveillance, sitting around

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Smugglers arrested with bomb-grade uranium

This is scary: A gang arrested by Slovakian police was trafficking uranium so enriched that it could have been used by terrorists in a dirty bomb, it emerged today. Two Hungarians and a Ukrainian man were arrested as they tried

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Remember the Senate

One thing we talked about quite a bit before the election amongst the LP collective is drawing attention to the Senate contests. I don’t think we’ve done as good a job as we could have, considering its importance. Just to

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Another bungled terrorism case

Today, NSW Supreme Court Justice Michael Adams threw out the case against terrorism suspect Izhar ul-Haque. The reason being ASIO officers had broken the law attempting to get answers from ul-Haque. I have no comment on the possible guilt or

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Labor premiers do the differentiation? And other reflections on Mohamed Haneef

There were some suggestions on the thread about Mohamed Haneef that the Labor response to wedges is for Rudd or a shadow minister to agree with the government, only to have Premiers and other state Labor figures cast doubts as

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Mohamed Haneef and protecting liberal democracy in the age of terror

Balancing civil liberties with the need to have an effective counterterrorism campaign has long been a difficult issue for liberal democracies. The arrest, detention, release and now detention of suspect Mohamed Haneef has raised important questions about the protection of

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