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The Straight Talk Song Express

John McCain has been taking questions from supporters. His campaign team should advise him not to.

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Elect yourself another people

It’s always a very bad look for the right when they’re reduced, as they were when the American people failed to rally round impeachment of Clinton and were condemned by GOP pols and pundits as morally bankrupt, to suggesting that

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Iran's nuclear program "goes industrial" – or not?

Prepare for all manner of frothing at the mouth from wingnuts about Iran’s “industrial scale” enrichment program. Just as a quick primer: like many elements, there are multiple types – isotopes – of uranium. From a chemistry perspective, they all

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How dare those Limeys not give us more martyrs?

This is the frothing, eye-bulging reaction from some of the screeching warmonkeys pounding their keyboards in the US to the peaceful resolution of the British sailors’ hostage situation in Iran. Michelle Malkin, who has described the British personnel as “cringeworthy”,

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I can’t be the only one who thought ‘Sarajevo’ when I first heard of the capture of British sailors by Iran. It had ‘casus belli’ written all over it. But that’s not how things have turned out … so far.

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