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Lazy (Gaudete) Sunday!

Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share some tales, regulars and lurkers all! In case you don’t know, it’s the third Sunday of Advent, also known

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Pointless Controversy Resumed

(Achieving Community Division and Increased Newspaper Circulation Through the Rigorous Application of the Thoughts of Chairman Rupert) I’ve just been taking a look over the recent report of the Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee on Dress Codes and School

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A project for the Decents

Predictably, I guess, Pamela Bone’s question to Germaine Greer on behalf of ALL DECENT LEFTIES EVERYWHERE (discussed in this post from me and by Helen at the Balcony) didn’t just get play on Andrew Bolt’s blog, but also resulted in…

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It’s starting to feel a lot like…

As Gummo pointed out, the onset of Santa-bothering Season in the tabloids is a sure sign that the festive season has crept up on us. It’s probably only us political junkies, but for me at least the rhythm of the

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ALP: Ok to be teh gay, but don’t flaunt it with a ceremony

It’s very disappointing that Attorney-General Robert McClelland has taken an illiberal stand by refusing to permit the ACT government to legitimise commitment ceremonies for same sex couples. It’s even more disappointing that this is apparently a result of promises made

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In saecula saeculorum

I’m normally a fairly quick reader. But it took me about two weeks before I went to Adelaide to read my way through Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor’s magnum opus – A Secular Age. It’s a whopping 880 odd pages, but

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The Go bag

I’ll see your fridge magnet and raise you a Go bag. The City of Sydney along with the Federal Government wants us all to get ready. Sydneysiders will be encouraged to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies in an

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Whom, exactly, is Joe de Bruyn representing?

Possibly because it can’t be spun as a story about TEH EVIL UNION BOSSES or something (or at least not the right kind of story, but more of that later), there’s not much debate around the traps on the ALP

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Moral Panic Monday! II

If things get really desparate for the government this year, will they be tempted to take a leaf out of Utah Republicans’ book? “Utah County Republicans ended their convention on Saturday by debating Satan’s influence on illegal immigrants. (…) Don

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I'm a dedicated black one piece fan

…But that’s my business really. Women are either hussies or oppressed. Either way, we’re objects for a lot of folks. Go read all about the incredible tale of a Muslim woman who was reduced to a symbol of teh Islamic

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While You're Down There…

I’ve just been chatting with Zeppo Bakunin about the Stainless Steel Rat’s Weasel’s call for all Australians – even the agnostics and atheists, I assume – to get down on their knees and pray for rain “without any sense of

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Ruddock wants to ban Star Wars

Well, possibly. HeathG at Catallaxy links to media reports of a new thought bubble from Emperor Palpatine…er…Ruddock to ban material that “advocates terrorist acts”. In the wake of stories in the Daily Terrorgraph about various Muslim clerics circulating rather inflammatory

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Dear NSW Liberals and your media mates: judge not lest ye be judged!

Let me begin this post with a sad, potentially very sad, story which turned out to have a happy ending.

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Thunderbolts from the heavens?

Legislators in Mexico City are moving towards decriminalising abortion. Scott from Lawyers, Guns and Money makes the central point well: The key question of abortion policy is always not whether women will get abortions, but whether non-affluent women will have

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Don't Mention the War!

A guest post by Audrey Apple From today’s The Advertiser: Holocaust glossed over “London: British schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a government-backed study has shown. The study found some teachers were reluctant

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