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Concentrating on solar power

Despite the fact that there’s rumours the upcoming budget is going to throw money at putting solar panels on people’s roofs, the conservatives are no fan of solar cells. And you know what? They’re dead right. Solar panels are one

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Reprise: What's it like to have one leg?

I don’t blog on disability issues very much, but I noticed at tigtog’s place a link to a blog that’s new to me – The Gimp Parade, and also via that link, I became aware of one of the very

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Renewables – a visual primer

Johnathan Holmes has done another excellent 4 Corners program on energy and greenhouse issues, this time specifically on renewable energy. If you have a decent internet connection, the whole thing is viewable online, and if you’ve got a spare 45

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Putting the genie back in the bottle

With the new Summary for Policymakers of the effects of global warming out (as pointed to by Brian) it seems clear that if we are to avoid the worst effects of global warming, we will, globally, need to make massive

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Reusable rockets from PayPal…

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