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Federal election 2010: The end of Paul Kelly’s neo-liberal consensus

One day it would be interesting to research whether Paul Kelly was the first to proclaim the importance of the ‘narrative’ in Australian politics. Certainly, it’s been his leitmotif. And central to his two door-stopping tomes on recent political history

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Federal election 2010: The ghost of culture wars past

Gary Sauer-Thompson at Public Opinion has skewered David Burchell’s latest op/ed, which includes a typification of two different types of voters:

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The best $20 you’ll ever spend?

  On the bookshelf at home a copy of The Rules sits between a book by Donna Tartt and something or rather by Jeanette Winterson. The guide to getting a bloke was left by a former tenant (perhaps she thought

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An Embuggerance

Author Terry Pratchett has revealed that he has been diagnosed with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. I can only imagine how distressing it must be for someone who has spent his life as a wordsmith to start

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There’s been considerable discussion of the case of the rape in Aurukun of a 10 year old girl on the Saturday Salon thread. While I agree with those who are arguing that the decision of the judge (and the submissions

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Nine: we’re still the one… for sexism

It’s summer and one way to pass the time is to watch the cricket. For gals as well as guys. But that entrenched bastion of blokiness, Channel Nine, it appears, is intent on keeping its cricket coverage a blokes only

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Why we need more words than sorry

Although there are some around the shop who don’t seem to think that having an election changed anything, including culture warriors who can’t decide whether they’re triumphing or courageously flying the flag of dissent, there’s a fundamental flaw at the

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Julia Gillard, (acting) PM

Well, Julia’s minding the shop while Kevin Rudd is in Bali, the first woman to ever act as PM. I haven’t checked, but I’m sure all the blokes who comment at Catallaxy are having pink fits. As Audrey Apple observes,

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Interviews useless?

Peter Martin has an interesting post on a turnaround by the UQ Medical School, who’ve decided to scrap interviews as part of the selection process for their graduate medical degree. He cites an American psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, who is also

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Lazy Sunday! (Monday edition)

A little late because of the feeling of conviviality last night after the LP Sunday beers at the Powerhouse! Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share

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A project for the Decents

Predictably, I guess, Pamela Bone’s question to Germaine Greer on behalf of ALL DECENT LEFTIES EVERYWHERE (discussed in this post from me and by Helen at the Balcony) didn’t just get play on Andrew Bolt’s blog, but also resulted in…

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It’s starting to feel a lot like…

As Gummo pointed out, the onset of Santa-bothering Season in the tabloids is a sure sign that the festive season has crept up on us. It’s probably only us political junkies, but for me at least the rhythm of the

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ALP: Ok to be teh gay, but don’t flaunt it with a ceremony

It’s very disappointing that Attorney-General Robert McClelland has taken an illiberal stand by refusing to permit the ACT government to legitimise commitment ceremonies for same sex couples. It’s even more disappointing that this is apparently a result of promises made

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The last post for the humanities?

LP readers might recall my posts earlier in the year on the push to abolish the humanities at QUT. Last Thursday, the School of Humanities and Human Services held, as its final function, a seminar called “The Last Post” to

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You know what I think? Madder than a cut black snake…

We may have provided the Prime Minister and Treasurer of this fine nation, and delivered the Great Australian Labor Party a thumping majority, and as I’ve been arguing for quite some time, there’s the old Quinceland and the new Queensland…

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