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Mohamed Haneef and protecting liberal democracy in the age of terror

Balancing civil liberties with the need to have an effective counterterrorism campaign has long been a difficult issue for liberal democracies. The arrest, detention, release and now detention of suspect Mohamed Haneef has raised important questions about the protection of

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Boris Yeltsin and the problem of Russian democracy

The death of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin has called forth a range of appraisals of his contribution to the demise of the Soviet Union and the development of democracy in Russia. Monica Attard, who reported so memorably on the

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You show me yours, I'll show you mine

The bizarro world refugee swap plan (whereby we swap Sri Lankan refugees who’ve arrived at Christmas Island and been shunted off to Nauru with Cuban refugees who’ve been intercepted trying to reach the States) has almost everyone perplexed. Though maybe

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Öpik meets Irimia

All the recent mudslinging and crazed waving of arms that characterised federal politics before, as Tony Abbott admitted on Lateline tonight, the government decided to flick the switch away from vaudeville and try to restore its image as an, erm,

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A great woman

South Australian Liberal Senator Jeannie Ferris has died in a Canberra hospital after a battle with cancer. Senator Ferris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005 and had been receiving treatment at the Canberra Hospital for the past several weeks.

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