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Mohamed Haneef and protecting liberal democracy in the age of terror

Balancing civil liberties with the need to have an effective counterterrorism campaign has long been a difficult issue for liberal democracies. The arrest, detention, release and now detention of suspect Mohamed Haneef has raised important questions about the protection of

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The 60% emissions target: science or ideology

For some time now Howard with the assistance of some people who should know better has been establishing a meme that Labor’s 60% emissions target by 2050 will wreck the economy. Labor and the Greens with their 80% target are

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Tough but on What, Exactly?

Former Senator and aspirant to the title of Australia’s own Iron Lady, Bronwyn Bishop, seems to have adopted a new role model. It used to be Margaret Thatcher – now she’s looking to the US and the example of a

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For the past few years, the Federal Opposition, the union movement, the Greens and folks from various other quarters have used the WorkChoices package as a flag to rally around in opposition to the Howard Government. In political terms, this

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Newspoll and the Greens

The Newspoll in this morning’s Australian shows the Greens polling 6 per cent of the primary vote, down from 7.2 per cent in the 2004 election. Newspolls this year have consistently had the Greens vote fluctuating around the 5 per

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Considering Labor’s position on the climate change bandwagon

In recent months, it has been somewhat surprising to find that the issue of climate change has been so successfully thrust into the limelight of public political debate. Let’s face it – it is relatively rare for political issues that

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They're at it again…

Labor’s New Right Fifth Column (in the form of the Forestry Division of the CFMEU) is attempting to have Labor’s National Platform amended to rule out any further reservation of forests for conservation purposes. As one might expect, this move

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