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Assessing the merits of a regional asylum seeker centre as policy

If this election proves anything, it proves that both parties have taken the notion of polling driven strategy to ever greater heights. Once, policies were road tested via focus groups to guage their acceptability and to refine selling points. Now,

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The Coalition’s health agenda: protect doctors’ incomes

What’s at stake in health in this year’s election is summed up neatly in an article in the Brisbane Times this morning on the performance of one of the government’s GP super clinics, operating in Strathpine on Brisbane’s northern outskirts.

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YouTube, campaigns and TEH STOOPID

Last month, I linked to Rachel Maddow‘s rather groovy video deconstruction of the campaign asylum. Rachel’s worth watching again, taking on the Republicans (and Hillary) on Iraq: Incidentally, we could do with a better debate on Iraq – not just

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Preferred PM Theorem

In an unexpected guest post at The Poll Bludger, The Government Gazette maintains the rage: Kevin Rudd’s prime ministerial ambitions lie in tatters today after yet another devastating opinion poll, this time from ACNielsen. For all the ignorant whingeing levelled

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The nuclear thread we had to have

Well, the battle-lines are now drawn. Labor’s widely expected decision to scrap the “no new mines” policy scraped through the national conference. However, the reaction of state governments is variable, with Western Australia promising to not allow mines, while South

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Boris Yeltsin and the problem of Russian democracy

The death of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin has called forth a range of appraisals of his contribution to the demise of the Soviet Union and the development of democracy in Russia. Monica Attard, who reported so memorably on the

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That speech!

Perhaps we’re giving it too much attention (given that it was a pile of negative dross and dire warnings that if Labor does anything about global warming YOUR JOB WILL DISAPPEAR and anyway, union bosses will soon drag us back

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Be your own focus group

As Ken L reports over at Surfdom, Howard is flicking the switch to philosopher king, giving a speech in Brisbane today which as Guy at Polemica writes, is supposed to “position him as a political visionary”. Mr Howard will today

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The Lancing of Howard

A guest post by Bernice Balconey Lancet Editorial Volume 369, Number 9570, 21 April 2007 Australia: the politics of fear and neglect Australian clinical and public-health research is an emblem of excellence across the Asia-Pacific region. That enviable position is

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Dennis Glover's avoidable ignorance

In another thread, commenter amused has written that: The effect of not having to go out, and actually mix with the hoi polloi to do your reporting is becoming obvious, as is the effect on the quality of ‘reporting’ (if

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For the past few years, the Federal Opposition, the union movement, the Greens and folks from various other quarters have used the WorkChoices package as a flag to rally around in opposition to the Howard Government. In political terms, this

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Psephological prediction time!

In his electoral analysis piece published at On Line Opinion, Mark wrote earlier this month: But at the same time every move in this year’s political game is compared against the Latham-Howard contest of 2004. The latest “character issue” to

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Damn Turnball and his dam ideas

Via Ken L at Road to Surfdom, the word is that the Prime Minister has urged Queensland and New South Wales to consider Malcom Turnbull’s idea of damming the Clarence river as to provide much needed water for South East

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Dummy Spit of the Week

The teflon coated one was doing a fair job of hiding his disappointment on Thursday, after a few business organisations expressed complete disinterest in funding an advertising campaign for WorkChoices to counter the ACTU’s campaign against WorkChoices. There was barely

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