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Federal election 2010: The ghost of culture wars past

Gary Sauer-Thompson at Public Opinion has skewered David Burchell’s latest op/ed, which includes a typification of two different types of voters:

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A new study, whose findings were released today, provides further evidence to suggest that there is no link between induced abortion and breast cancer. A 2003 international expert panel convened by the National Cancer Institute reviewed and assessed research regarding

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QUT farewells the "old" humanities?

I’ve always been perplexed, and annoyed, by the tone of much of the conservative criticism of university education in the humanities and social sciences (I deliberately omit the words “logic” and “argument”). Either pundits, pollies and culture warriors extrapolate from

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Sour Cherries from the Orchard of M Arouet

While simply following the historical wire of the small Jewish nation, one sees that it could not have another end. It is even praised it to have left Egypt like a horde of robbers, carrying all that it had borrowed

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BB balance

It’s not only fascinating docos about Dolly that display the government’s creeping balance-isation of everything on tv. After the turkey slap stoushes of 2006, Big Brother 2007 is trimming its sails to the prevailing electoral winds. (Let’s not forget that

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The Lancing of Howard

A guest post by Bernice Balconey Lancet Editorial Volume 369, Number 9570, 21 April 2007 Australia: the politics of fear and neglect Australian clinical and public-health research is an emblem of excellence across the Asia-Pacific region. That enviable position is

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Mr Burke's Acclaimed Cherry

We are afraid to put men to live and trade each on his own private stock of reason; because we suspect that this stock in each man is small, and that the individuals would do better to avail themselves of

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The US Supreme Court's ruling on Gonzales v. Carhart

In light of certain special interest groups who expect our current federal government to follow the lead of the Bush administration, an important point needs to be made widely known: the new abortion decision from the US Supreme Court will

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Dear NSW Liberals and your media mates: judge not lest ye be judged!

Let me begin this post with a sad, potentially very sad, story which turned out to have a happy ending.

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Jonestown v. the Beltway

There’s a bit of a contrast in the reaction to radio shock jock Don Imus’ racist slurs in the US and the ACMA verdict on Alan Jones’ Cronulla broadcasts. Imus has been pulled from MSNBC, and advertisers have deserted him

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"Laughing at the disabled"

Update: I’ve written a post on the latest development in this affair, the suspension of Hookham and MacLennan for six months without pay, which I think is a completely over the top reaction, and says something very dodgy about QUT.

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Vonnegut was from somewhere else: Tralfamadore, perhaps.

I liked this remark from Tim Sterne’s (non) obit post at Sarsaparilla so much I thought I’d lift it for this one. Hope you don’t mind, Tim! As already noted by commenters on Suz’ thread, Kurt Vonnegut has passed away.

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Must try harder…

[Hat tip to Slim at The Dead Roo for the link.] We’ve previously had a couple of vigorous debates on the culture wars sport of teacher bashing, and in particular, the idea that performance pay for teachers would be a

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Thunderbolts from the heavens?

Legislators in Mexico City are moving towards decriminalising abortion. Scott from Lawyers, Guns and Money makes the central point well: The key question of abortion policy is always not whether women will get abortions, but whether non-affluent women will have

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Don't Mention the War!

A guest post by Audrey Apple From today’s The Advertiser: Holocaust glossed over “London: British schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a government-backed study has shown. The study found some teachers were reluctant

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