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Disabled in a disaster? Just wait until we've helped all the real people, all right?

Lauredhel had a post a few days ago noting the plight of a quadriplegic man abandoned while the ablebodied passengers were evacuated during the train breakdown on the Sydney Harbour Bridge recently and told he would be evacuated “in two

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Reprise: What's it like to have one leg?

I don’t blog on disability issues very much, but I noticed at tigtog’s place a link to a blog that’s new to me – The Gimp Parade, and also via that link, I became aware of one of the very

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Dear NSW Liberals and your media mates: judge not lest ye be judged!

Let me begin this post with a sad, potentially very sad, story which turned out to have a happy ending.

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"Laughing at the disabled"

Update: I’ve written a post on the latest development in this affair, the suspension of Hookham and MacLennan for six months without pay, which I think is a completely over the top reaction, and says something very dodgy about QUT.

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