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Nicholas Stuart’s Rudd’s Way and the spectre of Kevin07

There’s been extensive discussion of Nicholas Stuart’s new book, Rudd’s Way on Brian’s thread about the political demise of Kevin Rudd. I’ve been dipping into it and have written a post about it for the ABC’s Campaign Diary blog. I

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Upload your election leaflets!

The other day I wrote a post asking people to describe election leaflets they’re receiving. These are important indicators of what’s going on, because they distil the messages the campaigns want to send to voters, and they’re often tweaked to

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How important are campaigns?

Political scientist and Macquarie University Professorial Fellow Murray Goot has a very interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald today: In the past 10 elections, the gap in the level of electoral support for Labor and the Coalition reported by

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Tony Abbott on Hey Hey It’s Saturday

You can watch the Opposition Leader here. I’m voting for Kylie Minogue.

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Little Australia and the population ‘debate’

Bernard Keane has a good piece in this morning’s Crikey election special edition, reflecting on yesterday’s installment of the so-called population debate. Let’s remember that Julia Gillard linked the asylum seeker issue to infrastructure and sustainability issues in the first

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The view from Channel Nine II

For an explanation of why I’m writing these posts, see last night’s entry. So, from the vantage point of commercial news, tonight was all about the kids. (And, again, the election was bumped into second spot, this time by a

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Assessing the merits of a regional asylum seeker centre as policy

If this election proves anything, it proves that both parties have taken the notion of polling driven strategy to ever greater heights. Once, policies were road tested via focus groups to guage their acceptability and to refine selling points. Now,

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Quick link: Campaign news and the contest for KRudd’s seat

The Poll Bludger has posted a useful wrap of some recent developments which is worth a read. Among the links cited, there’s one to the selection of Rebecca Docherty as the LNP candidate for Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith: The

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The Coalition’s health agenda: protect doctors’ incomes

What’s at stake in health in this year’s election is summed up neatly in an article in the Brisbane Times this morning on the performance of one of the government’s GP super clinics, operating in Strathpine on Brisbane’s northern outskirts.

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Federal election 2010: Queensland on the ground

Last week, I put up a post at our main site (temporarily not viewable because of site maintenance), seeking readers’ contributions about what’s actually happening on the ground in Queensland. Peter Brent provides a good summary of why this state

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Process issues, pontification and the journosphere

Writing in Crikey this morning, Bernard Keane says of the debate about the debate: Debates are a festival for the political class. Journalists, political tragics and politicians obsess over them. The other 99% of the population are essentially indifferent to

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Federal election 2010: The end of Paul Kelly’s neo-liberal consensus

One day it would be interesting to research whether Paul Kelly was the first to proclaim the importance of the ‘narrative’ in Australian politics. Certainly, it’s been his leitmotif. And central to his two door-stopping tomes on recent political history

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The view from Channel Nine

As I said on a previous post, the best way to get a handle on how most voters are perceiving the campaign is to watch the first ten minutes of a commercial tv news bulletin. By way of illustration, Channel

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Is this what elections come down to these days?

Tony Abbott’s top policys (sic) and plans (you can also see them in their campaign ad): End the waste Repay the debt Stop the taxes Stop the boats Jeez, the Opposition Leader’s top four election priorities. Really important issues, you’d

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Quick link: Possum on the aggregate poll trend

If you’re still wondering what all the plethora of polls released in the last few days mean, you need to read Possum’s latest update on his Pollytrend: What we’ve seen over the last 20 days is the ALP vote continuing

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