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2006 called…

…and wants its climate change policy back. Rather than actually doing taking an emissions trading scheme policy to an election, we’re getting a “Citizens’ Assembly – to examine over 12 months the evidence on climate change, the case for action

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Little Australia and the population ‘debate’

Bernard Keane has a good piece in this morning’s Crikey election special edition, reflecting on yesterday’s installment of the so-called population debate. Let’s remember that Julia Gillard linked the asylum seeker issue to infrastructure and sustainability issues in the first

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The view from Channel Nine II

For an explanation of why I’m writing these posts, see last night’s entry. So, from the vantage point of commercial news, tonight was all about the kids. (And, again, the election was bumped into second spot, this time by a

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Assessing the merits of a regional asylum seeker centre as policy

If this election proves anything, it proves that both parties have taken the notion of polling driven strategy to ever greater heights. Once, policies were road tested via focus groups to guage their acceptability and to refine selling points. Now,

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The view from Channel Nine

As I said on a previous post, the best way to get a handle on how most voters are perceiving the campaign is to watch the first ten minutes of a commercial tv news bulletin. By way of illustration, Channel

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The untold story of how Kevin 07 bit the dust

In a classroom not far from here last week the 6-year olds were being prepared to work in groups of four. Two in each group had obvious roles, leaving the other two to make up the numbers, as it were.

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Laurie Oakes’ National Press Club allegations redux

As you are all aware, Laurie Oakes decided to crap all over Julia Gillard’s strategy leading into the election campaign with his ‘Kirribilli’ question(s) at the National Press Club last Thursday. It included this: Is it true that there was

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Endless rehashing of the Labor leadership change: supplementary thread

Since we’d like commenters to stay on topic, we are providing this thread for all those who wish to continue to discuss the merits of the change from Kevin Rudd to Julia Gillard.

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Asylum Seeker debate ratchets up the rhetoric

A sampling of what’s around the papers this morning:

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On the election trail

Julia Gillard (left) and Tony Abbott (right) - nice touch - face off in front of Parliament House in a graphic with a big question mark superimposed over the flagpole

Continue your discussion of the opening salvos in the active election campaigns.

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Open New Government thread

Today the Rudd ministry will be sworn in by the Governor General. I suspect there will be press conferences. Update by MB: Photo added, borrowed from The Age.

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For the past few years, the Federal Opposition, the union movement, the Greens and folks from various other quarters have used the WorkChoices package as a flag to rally around in opposition to the Howard Government. In political terms, this

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Union bosses omnipotent, etc?

An intriguing email landed in my inbox on Friday. In two weeks’ time, the Australian Labor Party will meet for their National Conference, where they will thrash out their policies for the 2007 federal election. We have seven days to

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