LP election year statement

NB: This statement is from the 2007 election year, but nothing much has changed

LP is a non-partisan left wing site and while we look to the defeat of the Howard government, we don’t align ourselves with any particular non-Coalition party. We number amongst our collective some Labor and Green members, but most of us aren’t party members.

In an election year, we believe left wing blogs are able to offer critical support to campaigns to defeat the right, but also should explore ideas that aren’t mainstream, and give politicians a serve when they need one. We have no interest in running a blog which seeks to be a cheerleading platform.

So we reserve our right to be critical – particularly when we think that important issues for the left (and for Australia) are not being highlighted, or opportunities missed. And when we post political commentary, it’s informed by our political positions, but is not slanted to supporting the messages and strategies of any party.

We believe that offering lively and critical commentary, combined with the space for active and constructive engagement, is a valuable contribution to broader political and public debates.

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