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Nicholas Stuart’s Rudd’s Way and the spectre of Kevin07

There’s been extensive discussion of Nicholas Stuart’s new book, Rudd’s Way on Brian’s thread about the political demise of Kevin Rudd. I’ve been dipping into it and have written a post about it for the ABC’s Campaign Diary blog. I

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National Security Committee Meetings and past and present PMs

Seriously, just how many senior members of Cabinet really need to be present for every single NSCC meeting?

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Laurie Oakes’ National Press Club allegations redux

As you are all aware, Laurie Oakes decided to crap all over Julia Gillard’s strategy leading into the election campaign with his ‘Kirribilli’ question(s) at the National Press Club last Thursday. It included this: Is it true that there was

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Endless rehashing of the Labor leadership change: supplementary thread

Since we’d like commenters to stay on topic, we are providing this thread for all those who wish to continue to discuss the merits of the change from Kevin Rudd to Julia Gillard.

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