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Saturday Salon

An open thread, where at your weekend leisure, you can discuss anything you like.

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Nicholas Stuart’s Rudd’s Way and the spectre of Kevin07

There’s been extensive discussion of Nicholas Stuart’s new book, Rudd’s Way on Brian’s thread about the political demise of Kevin Rudd. I’ve been dipping into it and have written a post about it for the ABC’s Campaign Diary blog. I

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Blanche D’Alpuget’s Bob Hawke PM

I’ve had a review of Blanche D’Alpuget’s new book, Hawke: The Prime Minister, published at The Drum. You can read it here.

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Assessing the merits of a regional asylum seeker centre as policy

If this election proves anything, it proves that both parties have taken the notion of polling driven strategy to ever greater heights. Once, policies were road tested via focus groups to guage their acceptability and to refine selling points. Now,

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Process issues, pontification and the journosphere

Writing in Crikey this morning, Bernard Keane says of the debate about the debate: Debates are a festival for the political class. Journalists, political tragics and politicians obsess over them. The other 99% of the population are essentially indifferent to

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Federal election 2010: The end of Paul Kelly’s neo-liberal consensus

One day it would be interesting to research whether Paul Kelly was the first to proclaim the importance of the ‘narrative’ in Australian politics. Certainly, it’s been his leitmotif. And central to his two door-stopping tomes on recent political history

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Federal election 2010: The ghost of culture wars past

Gary Sauer-Thompson at Public Opinion has skewered David Burchell’s latest op/ed, which includes a typification of two different types of voters:

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Galaxy 52-48 but a pox on both your houses

Possum reports on the first poll released during the election campaign – Galaxy, which comes in with essentially the same numbers as last time, bar a drop in The Greens’ primary vote to 13%, with the one point lost going

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Federal election 2010: The leaders’ opening gambit

Prime Minister Julia Gillard visited Yarralumla this morning to see Governor-General Quentin Bryce and the 2010 Federal election will be on 21 August. Writs will be issued on Monday, and enrolments close at 8pm. You can enroll, or update your

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Well, Kevin 24/7 might want to keep on working all through the festive season, but for some of us lesser mortals it’s been a rather long and intense year and a bit of recreation is in order! So I’m taking

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Foxy Jolie

I noticed just before on gmail that a friend I was chatting to via google talk had a song listed next to her name. Enquiring further, I was introduced to a very spiffy Firefox addon that enables you to control

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Christmas baubles of horror

So, it’s the season where Carol rage escalates, and too much late night shopping is never enough time. Personally, I’m most disturbed by these enormous Christmas decorations at the Macarthur Centre on Edward Street. I wouldn’t like to be standing

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There oughta be… an inquiry!

The Libs and the Nats appear to be placing their trust in… organisational change and intra-party bickering. This appears to be a reflex move when parties lose elections, but the inquirists might like to contemplate how successful Simon Crean was

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Lazy (Gaudete) Sunday!

Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share some tales, regulars and lurkers all! In case you don’t know, it’s the third Sunday of Advent, also known

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Saturday Salon

An open thread where you can, at your weekend leisure, discuss anything you like.

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