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John Howard, the 007 version

Pure comedy gold from Aussie Bob at Surfdom – Cabinet: The Movie. Nothing more to say. Go round and look.

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Ozonomics – Inside the Myth of Australia's Economic Superheroes

The meme that the steadily growing economy of the last decade owes a lot to a) luck, and b) the Hawke-Keating reforms of the 1980s and 1990s, has been steadily propogating after, seemingly, starting out as a few grizzles in

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YouTube, campaigns and TEH STOOPID

Last month, I linked to Rachel Maddow‘s rather groovy video deconstruction of the campaign asylum. Rachel’s worth watching again, taking on the Republicans (and Hillary) on Iraq: Incidentally, we could do with a better debate on Iraq – not just

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Open Labor Conference thread

Meanwhile, up here in Brisvegas, I’ve just noticed on my stumble home from the Valley Jazz Festival, The Curious-Snail headline for tomorrow is framed by a huge picture of Rudd, and the headline reads something like “This man will help

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Things to Come: Collected Writings

I’ve just been looking over the web-site of the Right Honourable Mr John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, in particular, the speeches in the Media Centre section. One striking thing is the orotundity of some of the titles, which are

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The real moral challenge of our century

John Howard says that he won’t sacrifice Australia’s great economy on the altar of climate change. Our Dear Leader is shining a torch towards a future where we can all be at ease. But, but, has he considered the most

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About that Speech

According to John Howard’s opening to his major speech on “Australia Risingâ€? yesterday, Queensland is the down-under equivalent of California. Sorry, I’m digressing already – not a promising start. Let’s move on to substance of the speech, which begins where

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Be your own focus group

As Ken L reports over at Surfdom, Howard is flicking the switch to philosopher king, giving a speech in Brisbane today which as Guy at Polemica writes, is supposed to “position him as a political visionary”. Mr Howard will today

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BB balance

It’s not only fascinating docos about Dolly that display the government’s creeping balance-isation of everything on tv. After the turkey slap stoushes of 2006, Big Brother 2007 is trimming its sails to the prevailing electoral winds. (Let’s not forget that

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Tough but on What, Exactly?

Former Senator and aspirant to the title of Australia’s own Iron Lady, Bronwyn Bishop, seems to have adopted a new role model. It used to be Margaret Thatcher – now she’s looking to the US and the example of a

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The Lancing of Howard

A guest post by Bernice Balconey Lancet Editorial Volume 369, Number 9570, 21 April 2007 Australia: the politics of fear and neglect Australian clinical and public-health research is an emblem of excellence across the Asia-Pacific region. That enviable position is

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Dennis Glover's avoidable ignorance

In another thread, commenter amused has written that: The effect of not having to go out, and actually mix with the hoi polloi to do your reporting is becoming obvious, as is the effect on the quality of ‘reporting’ (if

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HSC History exam 2057

Friday, April 13, 2007, John Howard: “They know this surge, if it works, could represent a turning point”. At what point in the Iraq civil war did the then prime minister of Australia make his highly qualified statement? What would

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Jonestown v. the Beltway

There’s a bit of a contrast in the reaction to radio shock jock Don Imus’ racist slurs in the US and the ACMA verdict on Alan Jones’ Cronulla broadcasts. Imus has been pulled from MSNBC, and advertisers have deserted him

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Step up to the plate, Mr Howard!

The White House wants to appoint a high-powered czar to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with authority to issue directions to the Pentagon, the State Department and other agencies, but it has had trouble finding anyone able and

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